CSTP- Associate Course Overview

CSTP- Associate Course Overview

The CSTP-Associate course is designed to establish a strong foundation in software testing principles for professionals. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic concepts and terminology to advanced test case design techniques and test planning for system and user acceptance testing. Learners will start by understanding the purpose of software testing and then delve into various testing methodologies, including black box, glass box, and gray box testing.

The course progresses into best software testing practices, highlighting strategies for dealing with poor or absent requirements, coping with rapid development cycles, and the importance of systematic negative testing. Learners will also explore different levels of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing, each with its intricacies and focus areas.

By learning through a structured approach that includes requirements-based test design techniques like equivalence class partitioning and boundary value analysis, participants will be well-equipped to design effective test cases and plans. The course concludes with a deep dive into systems test design and test planning, ensuring learners can create comprehensive test strategies and documentation, essential for successful software testing endeavors.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! Below are the minimum prerequisites for students interested in undertaking the CSTP - Associate course:

  • Basic understanding of software development processes: Familiarity with how software applications are created and how they go through various stages of development.
  • Fundamental knowledge of software testing: Awareness of software testing objectives and the role it plays in ensuring software quality.
  • Familiarity with software terminologies: Comfortable with common terminologies used in software development and testing such as requirements, test cases, test scripts, etc.
  • Basic computing skills: Ability to use a computer effectively, including proficiency with office software for document creation, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Logical thinking and problem-solving skills: Able to think analytically and approach problems methodically.
  • Good communication skills: Proficiency in written and verbal communication, as testing often involves creating documentation and collaborating with other team members.

While these prerequisites are aimed at ensuring participants are prepared for the course content, we encourage all interested learners to enroll, as the course is designed to build upon these foundational skills.

Target Audience for CSTP- Associate

The CSTP-Associate course is designed to cover extensive software testing principles, methodologies, and practices.

  • Aspiring and Junior Software Testers
  • Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Software Developers interested in testing
  • Test Managers and Test Leads
  • Project Managers looking to understand testing processes
  • Business Analysts wanting to learn testing techniques
  • IT Professionals seeking to transition into software testing
  • Quality Control Professionals
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • System Administrators who perform software testing tasks
  • Software Test Consultants

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this CSTP- Associate?

Introduction to Course Learning Outcomes

Gain comprehensive insights into software testing methodologies and practices through the CSTP-Associate course, which encompasses test case design, planning, execution, and best practices.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose and fundamental principles of software testing to ensure software quality.
  • Learn various testing methodologies, including black box, glass box, and gray box testing, and apply them to different testing scenarios.
  • Develop skills to cope with testing challenges such as lack of requirements, fast-paced iterative development, and untestable quality requirements.
  • Acquire the ability to design and execute test cases and scripts effectively, using scenario-based development and testing.
  • Master test planning, including the development of a test strategy, documentation, and the creation of comprehensive test plans.
  • Utilize best practices for software testing, including systematic negative testing and effective regression testing strategies.
  • Explore different levels of testing, such as unit, integration, system, and user acceptance testing, and their specific requirements.
  • Apply test case design techniques, including equivalence class partitioning, boundary value analysis, and decision tables for unit, system, and acceptance testing.
  • Understand the importance and process of static testing and test automation tools to enhance testing efficiency.
  • Create detailed test design specifications, define test conditions, and identify data requirements for executing tests.

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