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Configure Adobe Analytics Course Overview

Configure Adobe Analytics course is a comprehensive program for experienced digital analysts, marketers, and product managers who want to learn about using Adobe Analytics for data-driven decision-making. The course provides in-depth instruction on the features of Adobe Analytics, as well as how to configure, implement, and analyze data within the Adobe Experience Platform. In addition, the course covers concepts such as how to create successful tracking strategies and reporting approaches, how to use segments and segmentation in Adobe Analytics, and how to leverage A/B testing, cohort analysis, and attribution modeling to optimize outcomes. The course will also focus on how to define marketing objectives, develop meaningful KPIs, and measure the true impact of campaigns on audience segments and business outcomes. At the end of the course, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of Adobe Analytics and be able to confidently configure and use the platform.

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Course Prerequisites

To attend the Configure Adobe Analytics Training course, there are a few prerequisites that need to be fulfilled by the trainee.
1. The trainees should have a working knowledge of Adobe Analytics.
2. They should have a good understanding of the main concepts of web analytics, digital marketing, and tracking techniques.
3. They should be familiar with Adobe Analytics interface, the reports and menus, and its configuration options.
4. They should have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
5. They should be familiar with the Adobe Solutions and the tagging process.
6. Last but not least, they should have a working installation of Adobe Analytics, with access to its administration panel, and ideally, an active website/application for testing purposes.

Target Audience

The target audience for Configure Adobe Analytics training is typically individuals who have a technical background who are responsible for making decisions and performing data analysis for their organization
This may include marketing managers, IT professionals, web analysts, or other data-driven decision makers
This training can benefit those who have prior experience in analytics and database management, as well as novice users interested in taking an introductory look at Adobe Analytics
Trainees should have basic knowledge of data manipulation and relational database concepts
Additionally, an understanding of HTML and JavaScript coding is beneficial when exploring the more advanced features of Adobe Analytics

Learning Objectives of Configure Adobe Analytics

1. Understand the essential components of the Adobe Analytics suite and how they interact with each other.
2. Learn how to set up basic tracking for Web and mobile sites, as well as tracking for on-site experiences.
3. Discover how to use pre-built analytics tools and reports to measure visitor engagement.
4. Learn how to create custom segments, spatial analysis, and A/B testing to optimize user experience.
5. Master the ability to apply acquired knowledge to real-world projects, including strategic planning and reporting.
6. Gain confidence as a digital analytics practitioner who understands both the business needs and technical capabilities of Adobe Analytics.

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1-on-1 Public - Select your start date. Other students can be merged.
1-on-1 Private - Select your start date. You will be the only student in the class.
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