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In today’s completely transformed online business environment, it is imperative for SMBs, Large MNCs, and Government Agencies to migrate their proprietary services, products, and solutions to the people through the online medium.  Digital transformation is upon us, and anything and everything can be accessed with a touch of a button or a finger. Digital Marketing Certification training provided by Koenig carefully combines a structured approach towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM) to deliver real value to both individuals and businesses.

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Digital Marketing Certification and Training Courses

With the majority of the customers moving to the digital platform has left many traditional businesses at their peril. Today, enterprises that fail to embrace digital transformation will face a slow extinction. E-commerce in itself has become a billion-dollar industry with just an online presence; the credit simply should go-to digital marketing techniques/best practices that cater to businesses across the globe 24/7.
Understanding these Digital Marketing strategies need professionals who know how to create a brand, awareness, proposition on the online/internet medium. Digital Marketing today has spread its wings across industry sectors that include retail, food and beverages, hospitality, travel, manufacturing, construction, and more.
With a shortage of skilled digital marketing professionals, it is an ideal time for anybody to take up Digital Marketing Certification courses. Participants who attend Digital Marketing training will gain a fundamental understanding of how digital marketing works and what its sub-components are through which one can holistically address consumer needs across the globe 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Who can take up Digital Marketing Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Digital Marketing Certification training include, but are not limited to:
  • Business Owners
  • Students
  • Brand Managers
  • Advertising Professionals
  • Online Marketing Professionals
  • Aspiring Digital Marketing Professionals
  • Anybody who is interested in understanding the Digital Marketing subject that includes SEO Training, SMM, PPC, CPC, and more
  • Anybody who wants to implement Digital Marketing concepts to their businesses

Reasons to choose Digital Marketing Certification Courses from Koenig

  1. A wide portfolio of Digital Marketing certification courses spread across Fundamental, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels
  2. Kick start your Digital Marketing career across various certification Digital Marketing courses
  3. Expert Digital Marketing instructors and real-life case studies to give you a comprehensive understanding of the concepts
  4. Digital Marketing Certification course material prepared by SMEs with regular content updates
  5. Get Digital Marketing Certification training from an Accredited Training Provider
  6. Get Flexible dates for your Digital Marketing training for both public workshops and corporate training programs
  7. Get trained in your Digital Marketing course either in 8 hours / day or 4 hours / day options
  8. Multiple learning modes that also include 1-on-1 training for dedicated attention
  9. Take part in ‘Guaranteed to Run’ Digital Marketing Certification Courses with ‘Exam Pass Guarantee’
  10. Stay relevant and get ahead in your professional career with widely-recognized Digital Marketing certification training courses

Benefits of Digital Marketing Certification Training

  1. Showcase your commitment towards digital transformation where businesses are moving to the online platform by learning digital marketing techniques.
  2. Be job-relevant and earn higher salaries across the globe. According to, Digital Marketing Salaries is in the range of USD 58,000 to USD 113,000 per annum in the US. The salary range differs depending on the location, job role, and relevant digital marketing certification credentials. 
  3. Be flexible in your career with Digital Marketing Training. There are many career paths that one can choose after undertaking a Digital Marketing course, which includes Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content and Inbound Marketing, Digital Strategy and Planning, Search Engine Optimization, and more.
  4. Stay relevant in a digitally evolving job market where most of the processes are migrating to online platforms. Digital Marketing certification training helps you to stand out from your non-certified counterparts.
  5. Improve your knowledge and skills concerning how digital marketing is shaping the way businesses and consumers interact online and how it is beneficial for both parties
  6. Get your marketers trained in Digital Marketing courses to achieve better ROI through less advertisement spends offline and grow traffic organically.
  7. Be more marketable with a digital marketing certification in today’s online-based economy


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

No, the course fee does not include the Digital Marketing certification examination fee. By taking up the Digital Marketing training, you are only paying for the training and not for the exam.

You can enrol for Digital Marketing Certification training by:
  • Select a relevant course and schedule from the dates given
  • Enroll for the Digital Marketing Certification course by making the payment
  • Get pre-reading materials from Koenig Solutions and start your preparation

Participants who enrol for the Digital Marketing certification course will get:
  1. A copy of the course material
  2. Sample Mock tests
  3. Real-life case studies
  4. Course completion certificate

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an Accredited Training Provider to deliver Digital Marketing Certification courses globally.

Your Digital Marketing certification is valid for life, and there is no need to maintain or renew the same.

For more information on the Digital Marketing Certification course, you can mail us at, call us at +91 80950 73333 (24x7) and chat with us to get your queries resolved immediately.

You can take up these Digital Marketing courses in multiple delivery modes that include: 
  • Instructor-led classroom training 
  • Instructor-led Live online training 
  • 1-on-1 training 
  • Fly-me-a-Trainer 
  • Corporate/on-site training

There are no such direct reference materials for Digital Marketing Certification courses, as some of these courses are prepared in-house by Koenig Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and others are provided by a different vendor, and you can visit their official website to understand: 
  • What are the various Digital Marketing Certification courses available 
  • How to prepare for a particular Digital Marketing certification
  • Skills Measured for Digital Marketing certification exams
  • Certification exam resources, and more