Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Course Overview

Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Course Overview

Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) certification is a professional qualification that validates an individual's capability to manage cloud and on-premises infrastructure through code. Azure IaC utilizes scripts and declarative definitions instead of manual processes to automate the setup of an environment, thereby enforcing consistency and minimizing errors. Industries use Azure IaC to streamline their infrastructure management process, minimize risks and operating costs, and improve productivity and efficiency. By using Azure IaC, industries create a repeatable, reliable system, allowing them to quickly adapt to a changing environment, deploy updates swiftly and scale infrastructure efficiently.

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Course Prerequisites

• Understanding of general networking concepts
• Familiarity with cloud infrastructure
• Basic knowledge of Azure services, portals, and tools
• Understanding of software development concepts
• Experience with programming languages like Python or JavaScript
• Basic understanding of code deployment and version control systems
• Knowledge of DevOps principles and practices.

Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Certification Training Overview

Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) certification training offers in-depth knowledge about automating and managing Azure resources using Azure Resource Manager templates and Terraform. The course mainly covers IaC principles, deployment of Azure Infrastructure via code, use of Terraform for developing and deploying IaC, management of Azure infrastructure using configuration management tools, and testing, along with continuous monitoring and deployment. This certification prepares individuals for roles such as Azure DevOps Engineers and Cloud Professionals.

Why Should You Learn Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

Learning Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) course can significantly enhance your cloud computing skills. It can increase your efficiency by automating cloud setup, reduce human errors in configurations, and boost the repeatability of cloud environments. Moreover, it enhances your employability by making you proficient in a key digital transformation technology.

Target Audience for Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Certification Training

- IT professionals and developers wanting to automate cloud management tasks.
- Solution architects and engineers looking for efficient cloud deployment methods
- Individuals aiming to expand their skills in cloud computing infrastructure.
- Teams working in DevOps environments implementing continuous deployment and scalability.
- Companies transitioning to cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Azure.

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- Wide Range of Courses: Access to a vast assortment of Azure IaC courses.
- Accredited Training: Receive globally recognized certification upon completion of your training.

Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Skills Measured

After achieving Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) certification, an individual acquires numerous skills including understanding Azure Resource Manager, Azure IaC concepts and tools such as Azure DevOps, PowerShell, and Terraform. They become proficient at deploying, configuring, and managing Azure infrastructure, using version control in infrastructure configuration, managing infrastructure through code, and setting up Azure Kubernetes Service. They also acquire skills in automating tasks and orchestrating processes in Azure environments. This certification significantly enhances an individual's Azure competencies and capabilities.

Top Companies Hiring Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Certified Professionals

Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, and Amazon are among the top firms hiring Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) certified professionals. They are seeking skilled professionals who can use coding techniques to automate, manage, and monitor Azure cloud-based infrastructures.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Azure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Course?

The learning objectives of the Azure Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) course are expected to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practical application of IaC in Azure. Participants should learn how to efficiently use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, and understand how to use Azure Policy for governance. They should also gain knowledge in automation and configuration management through the use of Azure Automation and Azure Desired State Configuration. Moreover, they should also be able to implement version control, testing, and deployment processes in deployment pipelines, and learn to utilize different tools like Terraform and Pulumi for IaC.