Articulate Storyline 360 fundamentals Course Overview

Articulate Storyline 360 fundamentals Course Overview

The Articulate Storyline 360 fundamentals course is designed to equip learners with the essential skills to create interactive eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline 360. Participants will learn how to start projects, enhance their content with themes and master slides, and import existing PowerPoint presentations to streamline the course development process.

The course delves into adding interactivity through buttons, layers, and text entry fields, and covers more advanced features such as triggers, hotspots, variables, and gamification techniques. Learners will gain hands-on experience with creating conditional triggers, managing variables, and incorporating gamification elements like scoring and media control to engage learners.

By completing this training, participants will be well-prepared for the Articulate 360 Certification, demonstrating their proficiency in creating dynamic and interactive eLearning content with Articulate 360. This course is ideal for instructional designers, educators, and anyone interested in eLearning development.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 40 Hours)
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Classroom Training price is on request

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly, here are the minimum required prerequisites for successfully undertaking the Articulate Storyline 360 fundamentals course:

  • Basic understanding of eLearning concepts and instructional design principles.
  • Familiarity with using Windows or Mac environments, including basic operations like opening, closing, and saving files.
  • Comfortable with using standard office productivity software, such as Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Basic computer literacy, including the ability to navigate through files and folders, and an understanding of file extensions (e.g., .pptx, .story).
  • No prior experience with Articulate Storyline is required, but any previous exposure to similar eLearning authoring tools can be beneficial.
  • An eagerness to learn and a willingness to experiment with new software features.

Please note that these prerequisites are aimed at ensuring a smooth learning experience without overwhelming beginners. The course is designed to be accessible even to those new to eLearning authoring, with step-by-step guidance provided throughout the training.

Target Audience for Articulate Storyline 360 fundamentals

The Articulate Storyline 360 fundamentals course equips learners with core skills for creating interactive eLearning content.

  • Instructional Designers
  • eLearning Developers
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Content Developers
  • HR Professionals involved in training
  • Educators and Teachers
  • Multimedia Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals creating instructional content
  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who create their own training materials
  • Graphic Designers looking to expand into eLearning
  • IT Professionals responsible for internal training materials

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Articulate Storyline 360 fundamentals?

  1. Introduction: Gain proficiency in creating interactive eLearning courses with Articulate Storyline 360, focusing on project creation, interactivity, advanced triggers, and gamification principles.

  2. Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the fundamentals of starting a new project in Articulate Storyline 360, including setting up project slides and applying themes.
  • Learn how to customize slides using content master slides and apply different layouts to enhance visual design.
  • Acquire skills in importing and integrating content from PowerPoint into Storyline projects.
  • Develop the ability to add interactive elements like buttons and text entry fields, and modify their states to engage learners.
  • Master the creation and management of layers to reveal additional content without overcrowding the slide.
  • Comprehend the use of triggers to create interactive experiences, including adding, editing, and setting conditions for triggers.
  • Learn to utilize variables to store and manipulate data, and create conditions for interactive decision-making within the course.
  • Explore advanced interactivity by managing hotspots and using triggers to control media and layer visibility.
  • Delve into gamification techniques, such as scoring systems and dynamic variable adjustments, to create compelling and motivating learning experiences.
  • Understand how to apply conditional logic to enhance the interactivity and responsiveness of courses, including audio playback and visual state changes.