IBM RPG IV programming Advanced Course Overview

IBM RPG IV programming Advanced Course Overview

The IBM RPG IV Advanced course is designed to take experienced RPG IV programmers to a higher level of proficiency. Through comprehensive lessons, this course covers the more complex aspects of the RPG IV language and the latest tools and techniques available.

Module 1 sets the stage for the course, ensuring that all learners are prepared with the necessary information and administrative details.

Module 2 dives deeper into advanced features like continued work with subfile displays, utilizing the debugger for troubleshooting, and mastering ILE error handling and condition handlers for robust programming.

Module 3 introduces learners to Basic API programming, the use of RPG Compiler directives for greater control over compilation, and sophisticated concepts like pointers, user spaces, and managing dynamic memory.

Module 4 explores the integration of C functions within RPG IV, and the handling and utilization of XML in RPG IV applications, providing a modern approach to programming.

This advanced course empowers learners with the knowledge to develop complex applications, optimize code, and leverage the full power of RPG IV in their professional development careers.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure a successful learning experience in the IBM RPG IV Programming Advanced course, participants should meet the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) system operations and navigation.
  • Prior experience with RPG IV programming, including the ability to write and maintain simple RPG IV programs.
  • Familiarity with the use of structured programming concepts and modular programming techniques.
  • Knowledge of Integrated Language Environment (ILE) concepts and how to create ILE programs in RPG.
  • Understanding of database concepts and experience with DB2 for IBM i, including creating and using physical and logical files.
  • Ability to use IBM i development tools such as PDM (Program Development Manager), SEU (Source Entry Utility), and RDi (Rational Developer for i) or other similar IDEs.
  • An understanding of how to use CL (Control Language) commands for program calls and system functions.

These prerequisites are designed to ensure that you have the foundational knowledge required to grasp the advanced topics covered in the course effectively. If you meet these criteria, you are well-prepared to take your RPG IV skills to the next level with our Advanced training.

Target Audience for IBM RPG IV programming Advanced

The IBM RPG IV Programming Advanced course is designed for seasoned programmers seeking to deepen their RPG IV expertise in complex systems.

  • Experienced RPG Programmers
  • AS/400 System Developers
  • IBM iSeries Developers
  • Software Engineers with RPG background
  • IT Professionals working on legacy system maintenance
  • Technical Consultants specializing in IBM midrange environments
  • Application Developers tasked with integrating RPG applications
  • Professionals aiming to learn advanced programming techniques on IBM systems

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this IBM RPG IV programming Advanced?

  1. Introduction: The IBM RPG IV programming Advanced course is designed to enhance your existing RPG IV skills, covering subfile programming, ILE concepts, API utilization, error handling, and modern language integrations.

  2. Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand and implement complex subfile displays for interactive applications.
  • Gain proficiency in using the RPG Debugger to troubleshoot and optimize code.
  • Master Integrated Language Environment (ILE) error handling and condition handlers for robust programming.
  • Learn the basics of Application Programming Interface (API) in RPG IV to extend functionality.
  • Utilize RPG Compiler directives to control compilation and optimize program execution.
  • Comprehend the use of pointers, user spaces, and dynamic memory allocation for advanced data management.
  • Integrate and use C functions within RPG IV programs for extended capabilities.
  • Implement XML parsing and generation techniques within RPG IV applications.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of advanced programming techniques and best practices in RPG IV.
  • Enhance practical problem-solving skills and the ability to implement complex business logic using RPG IV.