BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports Course Overview

BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports Course Overview

The BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports certification is a qualification awarded by SAP to professionals who demonstrate proficiency in ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) report programming. ABAP is a high-level programming language created by SAP, used for building business applications in the SAP environment. The certification primarily focuses on database queries, basic form printing, and list creation. ABAP Reports are used by industries to generate comprehensive and customized reports from large amounts of data. This is integral in taking informed business decisions, enabling businesses to analyze and interpret their data effectively. Therefore, the BC405 certification is sought by organizations seeking specialized ABAP programming skills.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

• Fundamental understanding of SAP ABAP programming language
• Basic knowledge of SAP database structure
• Prior experience in report writing or query building in SAP
• Familiarity with SAP software logistics
• Proficiency in using ABAP dictionary and internal tables
• Knowledge of ABAP data types and data objects.

BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports Certification Training Overview

BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports certification training is a course designed for individuals interested in SAP software application development. The course offers comprehensive training on ABAP reporting, including selection screens, integrated data access, ALV reports, and SAP List Viewer. It also covers monitoring transactions and system-wide application debugging. The training equips learners with the ability to create simple and complex reports on SAP systems using the ABAP programming language. By the end of the course, they should be able to use standard solutions to avoid redundant programming.

Why Should You Learn BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports?

Learning BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports course in stats allows students to grasp the complexity of programming in SAP systems. It enhances their knowledge and skills in creating ABAP reports, database updates and interfaces. This offers an understanding of data retrieval, outputting data and database updates, making them efficient SAP professionals.

Target Audience for BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports Certification Training

• Existing SAP system users seeking to enhance their knowledge.
• IT professionals handling SAP modules.
• ABAP developers and consultants.
• People aiming for SAP certification.
• Technical and functional consultants needing ABAP knowledge.
• System architects and administrators interested in SAP programming.

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BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports Skills Measured

Upon completing the BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports certification training, an individual would earn skills in generating lists, performing database operations, working with ALV Grid Control, implementing complex view clusters and integrating transactions. They would also have the expertise in ABAP Dictionary concepts, ABAP programming techniques including modularization, Open SQL, logical Databases, selection screens, internal tables and classical views. Additionally, they would gain ABAP debugging skills which are required for troubleshooting report programming problems.

Top Companies Hiring BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports Certified Professionals

The top companies hiring BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports certified professionals include tech giants such as IBM, SAP, and Accenture. These companies value the skills of executing and handling ABAP reports, alongside knowledge of SAP systems and solutions. Other companies include prominent MNCs like Deloitte, Capgemini, and Infosys.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports Course?

The learning objectives of the BC405 - Programming ABAP Reports course include understanding the complex reporting needs in SAP and learning how to program database queries in SAP systems using the open SQL programming language. Students will acquire skills in interpreting and handling internal tables and learn to use standard selection screens. They will also gain proficiency in dynamic selections and list processing and understand how to implement sequential and parallel extraction. Knowledge about logical databases and SAP list viewer is another aim of the course. Through this course, students will be trained to handle complex reporting tasks in SAP systems.