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There are many website design certification training courses available for learners of different capabilities, levels of expertise, and different niches. Web designing as a profession is gaining immense popularity in recent years. The field is different from web development because it focuses more on the front-end design aspects and creating the look and feel of websites and applications, with UI and UX aspects playing a major role. Web designers and web developers often work together to create cohesive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing web and mobile applications.
Check out the popular web designing certification courses to grow in your career.

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Website Designing Certification Training

A certification training course in web designing is a good option for working professionals and students to enhance their skill set in the field of design and specialize in the application they want to improve their performance in. There are many subcategories of design, which means they will need a higher skill level to reach a professional level of expertise. This can be achieved by completing a certification training course in the platform they want to increase their knowledge in.
Specialization in a single platform will also give the web designer more credit in their field of work, which will greatly improve their employment opportunities and chances of growth. The designers who want to work as animators, front-end UI designers, or even UX designers and more can benefit greatly from these certifications. There are many platforms that the designers can specialize in, but the most recognized ones are listed below:
  1. Adobe Animate CC
  2. Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  3. Microsoft Visio 2016
  4. Adobe Muse CC
  5. Adobe XD CC


Popular Web Design Courses at Koenig Solutions

1- Adobe Animate CC Certification Training Course

Adobe Animate CC is a platform created for designers who want to learn more about animation using Adobe Animate CC. Adobe Animate CC is the latest version of Adobe's animation platform. After completing the certification, professionals will become Adobe Certified Associates. 
The candidates will learn all the core skills required to create visual designs and animations with Adobe Animate CC for web designing and work with developers to create interactive, user-friendly platforms that can give the company or brand that additional boost they need to perform better and succeed. There are two levels of certifications available for learners to pursue that increase in difficulty and skill. 

2- Adobe Dreamweaver CC certification Training Course

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a platform provided by Adobe that assists users with building beautifully designed websites. It simplifies the website building process, and the designers do not need to learn programming languages to create visually appealing websites for their clients. This certification training course can help web designers and web developers create a website that is both user-friendly and aesthetically sound. 
The Adobe Dreamweaver CC certification also gives learners the chance to create adaptive and visually compelling sites that can work on web platforms and apps. The learning process has a high impact, and the certificate provides learners with the different principles that they can use to incorporate Dreamweaver CC into their web development plan. Learners gain more knowledge on how to incorporate various file formats, work with navigation plus, and many other features that come with Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

3- Microsoft Visio 2016 Certification Training Course

The Microsoft Visio 2016 certification training course is designed for visual designers who want to create graphics for organizations and their websites. This certification training course is designed to help companies and their clients create appealing and data-driven insights. The Microsoft Visio certification course will help web developers and designers create analytical designs with a more data-driven approach. 
Prior experience in design and analytics is recommended for this web designing course online. Visio as a platform is used to customize and present detailed data on web applications, websites, and mobile applications in a way that even a layman can understand.

4- Adobe Muse CC Certification Training Course

The Adobe Muse CC certification training course is created for those web and app designers who want to learn more about building responsive websites using the Adobe Muse CC platform. The certification course does not require any prior knowledge of coding or programming languages. This web design training course teaches learners how to use effective color, typefaces, HTML interactivity, and more to design websites successfully.
Some of the learning objectives of the website design course in Adobe Muse CC include learning how to format images and optimize them for websites and mobile applications, how to implement color themes in design, how to make the website more interactive, how to create responsive websites and navigation bars, and more.

5- Adobe XD CC Certification Training Course

Adobe XD CC is one of the favorite platforms used by budding web designers and experienced web designers as well. The platform is extremely intuitive and easy to understand for learners of all levels of expertise. Certification in the same will help candidates for the certification understand the different features of Adobe XD CC and its basic foundational level principles. This web designing course online is specifically catered towards UX designers, who need to include an interactive element in their websites.

Who can take up Web Designing Certification Courses?

Job roles that can benefit from web designing certification training are:
  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • UI designers
  • UI developers
  • UX designers
  • UX developers
  • Graphic designers
  • University students who want to study design
  • Anyone who wants to know more about web designing tools
  • Anyone who wants to clear their web designing certification exams after learning web designing course online.

Reasons to take up Web Designing Certification Training from Koenig Solutions

  • Best of Web Designing Certification courses for Adobe, Microsoft, and others at one place
  • Get trained in some of the most sought-after web designing certification courses such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Visio, and more
  • Expert Web Design instructors with real-life UI/UX experience to help you understand how to create wireframes, web page designs, and other design collaterals
  • Web Design course material prepared by Subject Matter Experts with hands-on exercises to gain a proper understanding of using the tools
  • Get Web Designing Certification training from an Authorized Adobe Training Partner and an Accredited Microsoft Gold Partner worldwide 
  • Working professionals and students can take up 8 hours/day and 4 hours/day training sessions
  • Enterprises and teams to get customized web design training modules according to business needs
  • Get these web designing certification courses with 1-to-1 training and Fly-me-a-trainer option to get dedicated attention 

Benefits of Website Designing Certification Training 

There are many benefits for designers that come with completing a certification training course in web designing. The web design certification course helps those who have already studied design as well because they can specialize in the platform they want to gain more expertise in. Some of the benefits that come with completing a certification training course in web designing are:
  1. A web design course is created to help budding designers and experienced professionals enhance their skill set. They will learn more about the niche aspects of the platform they want to get their certification in and grow their career.
  2. The working opportunities provided to certificate holders are higher in number as compared to their non-certified counterparts and peers. Organizations look for certified designers because they know that they have the skills they need to add to their enterprise.
  3. A certification is a great way for working professionals to validate their skill set. This way, they can proudly display their skills on their resumes, and it acts as proof of skill.
  4. Web designers with a specialized certification to validate their skills will also receive a higher annual salary and can receive job roles that are better than their non-certified counterparts.
  5. The certification training course in web designing is also beneficial for organizations, not just working professionals. Instead of hiring resources that will cost more time, resources, and energy into training their existing employees, they can just work with certified professionals and save the additional expenses. 

Salary prospects for Web Designing Certified Professionals

Today, web design certification courses are in demand by professionals globally. Popular Adobe and Microsoft web designing courses have the majority of the share when it comes to web designing courses. Considering the popularity of these Adobe and Microsoft designing certifications, let's take a look at web designing certified professionals' salary prospects worldwide.

United States

USD 52,000 to USD 76,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 24,500 to 32,000


Rupees 3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhs 


AUD 56,000 to 77,000 


AED 48,000 to 238,000


SGD 31,000 to 92,000


Job Prospects for Web Designing Certified Professionals

With Web Design Course certification credentials being the benchmark while hiring web designers across industries, it is critical for professionals to take up Web Designing courses to stand out from their non-certified peers and stay relevant in a challenging job market out there. Some of the companies that are actively hiring web designers with certification credentials globally include Bloomberg, Apple, Vizio, Latitude Inc, Banana Republic, Accenture, Robert Half, Gleantap, Interdependence, and many more. For web designer jobs in your region, check out the local job listings to find a relevant match that suits your needs.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Yes, web design certification courses are certainly beneficial today and in the future as well. As companies are setting the benchmark in providing their services, they are also keen on understanding how to attract customers online with a user-friendly website. And professionals with the latest skills and knowledge concerning website designing are always in demand. A certification training course in website designing can help working professionals stay current with the latest technologies and applications available for designers to create and enhance their web applications.

The Adobe Dreamweaver CC certification exam tests the learner's knowledge on various points such as identifying the audience for the websites the candidates are building, creating an understanding of copyrights, permissions, and licensing, all the basic design principles that are involved in web design, how to set up and execute projects, organization of content, working with code, modifying content, and more.

The certification exam for Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a 50-minute performance-based evaluation exam where learners are tested on their knowledge based on interactive questions, tasks the candidates have to perform in the application, and realistic performance scenarios that they need to complete to pass the examination.

The Microsoft Visio 2016 certification training course examination has a minimum of 70% required to pass the exam.

Yes, the Adobe Muse CC certification training course is designed by keeping beginners in mind. The course curriculum is structured in a way that working professionals and freshers can use the knowledge and refresh their skill set to create interactive websites.

Yes, the Adobe XD CC certification course is a beginner level certification course and includes all the foundational knowledge that designers will need to create interactive websites.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is an Authorized Adobe Training Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner to deliver their web design course across the globe.

Participants who wish to become an Adobe Certified Expert have to follow the below steps:
  • First, they have to choose a relevant web design certification course from Adobe to begin with
  • Next, they have to select a schedule and mode of delivery to take up the training course
  • Prepare for the web designing course with pre-reading materials provided by Koenig Solutions
  • Attend the instructor-led online training for your course to learn the basics and advanced options of the relevant Adobe design tool
  • To become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Master, you need to take up all exams of Adobe design suites of the same version
  • Become an Adobe Master by clearing your certification exams and receive Adobe Certified Expert logo highlighting your accomplishment

For participants who are looking to gain the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) status, all their certification exams cost in the range of USD 95 to USD 225.