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Koenig Solutions offers Web CMS Development training courses. After completing Web CMS Development certification courses, students will be able to install WordPress using cPanel or manually on your webhost, create pages, menus and writing posts on your blog site, add Plug-ins and using the admin panel, and Add images, picture galleries, audio/video on the website. You would have an opportunity to pursue WordPress training course, Joomla training course and Magento training course under this package. You can also opt to learn Professional WordPress and Joomla at Koenig in this category of courses.

Drupal 5 Days ₹ 117,700 (Includes Taxes)
E: Exam Included.
1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Musa Aziz Yokie United States Dec-2020 It is best, as it discourages distraction and keep the student and Lecturer focused.
Charles Kangai United States Jul-2019 A2. Normally one would expect course notes for an advertised course, especially when paying 1.2 lakhs rupees over a 2.5-day period. Also, courses normally have a schedule like 9:00am to 5pm. I would not expect to start a course at 1pm and stay as long as necessary to cover the syllabus. The course should have started at 9am and only operated during acceptable hours.
Mirza Dabeer Hussain United States Jun-2019 A1. For Beginner Course, the trainer is well versed and has good knowledge of basics, I was expecting the coding along with the course.
Irene United States Feb-2019 A3. Internet at the hotel should be increased because sometimes you go back with a homework and you are unable to make it because the internet is too slow.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.