Setting up F5 Advanced WAF Course Overview

Setting up F5 Advanced WAF Course Overview

The Setting up F5 Advanced WAF course provides learners with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to secure web applications using the F5 Advanced Web Application Firewall. It covers the fundamentals of the BIG-IP system, including initial setup, configuration archiving, and leveraging F5 support resources. The course delves into the modern threat landscape, distinguishing between benign and malicious clients, categorizing attack techniques, and understanding Layer 7 WAF capabilities.

Participants will learn to navigate and secure HTTP traffic, define learning, staging, and enforcement of attack signatures, and mitigate credential stuffing attacks. The course also introduces BIG-IP DataSafe for form encryption, protecting applications from vulnerabilities by exploiting the Document Object Model. Threat campaigns and behavioral analysis for DoS mitigation are also key topics, ensuring learners can deploy effective security measures against evolving threats. With a focus on web application security, this course equips individuals with the expertise to defend against sophisticated attacks and maintain robust application delivery.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that students are adequately prepared and can derive maximum benefit from the Setting up F5 Advanced WAF course, the following prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of networking concepts, including the OSI model, routing, and switching.
  • Familiarity with basic HTTP and web server functionality.
  • Knowledge of basic security concepts such as firewall operations, security threats, and mitigation techniques.
  • Experience with basic system and network administration for various operating systems such as Windows or Linux.
  • Prior exposure to application delivery concepts and, specifically, F5 BIG-IP system is beneficial but not mandatory.

These prerequisites are meant to provide a foundation upon which the course material will build. It is not required for students to be experts in these areas, but a general familiarity will significantly enhance their ability to grasp the concepts presented in the course.

Target Audience for Setting up F5 Advanced WAF

The Setting up F5 Advanced WAF course equips professionals with skills to secure applications against complex threats.

  • Network Security Engineers
  • System Administrators managing BIG-IP Systems
  • Security Architects
  • IT Security Professionals
  • Application Developers concerned with security
  • Security Operations Specialists
  • Network Engineers focusing on application delivery and security
  • F5 Technology Specialists and Consultants
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Security Analysts with a focus on web application security
  • Professionals preparing for F5 certification exams

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Setting up F5 Advanced WAF?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes

The Setting up F5 Advanced WAF course equips students with the skills to secure web applications using F5's Advanced Web Application Firewall, addressing contemporary threats and attack mitigation techniques.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the architecture and initial setup of the BIG-IP system for application delivery and security.
  • Gain knowledge of today's cyber threat landscape and the ability to differentiate between benign and malicious web traffic.
  • Learn to categorize attack techniques and apply Layer 7 web application firewall concepts to protect applications.
  • Explore and secure HTTP traffic by understanding web applications, attack signatures, and how to define and enforce security policies.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate credential stuffing attacks and understand the associated mitigation workflow.
  • Implement form encryption and protect applications using BIG-IP DataSafe, including configuring DataSafe profiles.
  • Define and deploy threat campaigns and manage live updates to respond to emerging threats effectively.
  • Utilize Layer 7 behavioral analysis to set up DoS protection profiles and mitigate Denial of Service attacks.
  • Leverage F5 support resources and tools for ongoing system management and troubleshooting.
  • Archive BIG-IP system configurations for disaster recovery and change management purposes.