VMware vSAN: Production Operations [V6.x]


In VMware vSAN: Production Operations [V6.x] course, you will focus on building skills in configuring and performing common administrator and end-user tasks with VMware vSAN 6.x. Students will gain practical experience with vSAN production operations through the completion of instructor-led activities and hands-on lab exercises.

Audience: Storage and virtual infrastructure administrators who are responsible for production support and administration of vSAN v6.x

Schedule & Prices
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Classroom Training*
Duration : 3 Days
Fee : India : $1,800

02-04 (Delhi)
09-11 (Bangalore)
11-13 (Bangalore)
11-13 (Chennai)
11-13 (Delhi)
16-18 (Chennai)
13-15 (Bangalore)
20-22 (Chennai)
20-22 (Delhi)
18-20 (Chennai)
06-08 (Delhi)
13-15 (Bangalore)
20-22 (Chennai)

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Course Prerequisites

  • Understanding of concepts presented in the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.x] course
  • Storage administration experience with block or file storage devices

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Explain vSAN host operations
  • Discuss vSAN networking requirements
  • Perform vSAN cluster scale-out and scale-up operations
  • Define the tasks involved in hardware replacement in a vSAN cluster
  • Define the tasks required for updating and upgrading vSAN
  • Describe vSAN security operations
  • Describe common vSAN maintenance operations
  • Configure a key management server (KMS) cluster
  • Configure vSAN storage policies and observe the effects of a cluster-wide change
  • Explain vSAN resilience and availability features
  • Use the vSAN health service to monitor health and performance
  • Perform ongoing vSAN management tasks