VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021 Course Overview

VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021 Course Overview

The "VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021" course is designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of the VMware Cloud on AWS service, focusing on deploying, configuring, and managing a VMware Cloud on AWS Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). This course provides learners with the skills to seamlessly integrate on-premises data centers with the cloud, optimize configurations for cost and performance, and maintain and troubleshoot the VMware Cloud on AWS infrastructure. By covering topics such as SDDC deployment, hybrid networking, storage, disaster recovery, and using other VMware products, the course equips professionals with the knowledge needed for effective VMware on AWS training and VMC on AWS training. Successful completion of the course ensures that IT professionals can confidently manage VMware workloads on the AWS platform, enhancing their expertise in hybrid cloud solutions.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! To ensure that participants are prepared to successfully undertake the VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021 course, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Understanding of concepts presented in the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.x] or [V7.x] course or equivalent knowledge and administration experience with VMware ESXi™ and VMware vCenter Server®.
  • Basic knowledge of disaster recovery concepts and the ability to describe the benefits of disaster recovery solutions.
  • Some AWS knowledge or experience is beneficial, although it is not strictly required.
  • Familiarity with VMware vSAN™ and VMware NSX® technologies is helpful but not mandatory.
  • Basic understanding of virtual networking concepts and network security.

These prerequisites are intended to provide a foundation that will help learners grasp the course material more effectively. The course is designed to accommodate a range of IT professionals, so while prior experience in related areas is advantageous, the course content is structured to guide learners through the necessary concepts and practices for VMware Cloud on AWS deployment and management.

Target Audience for VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021

The VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021 course is designed for IT professionals seeking to leverage VMware's cloud solutions on AWS infrastructure.

• IT Managers and Decision Makers considering cloud solutions

• System and Network Administrators managing VMware and AWS environments

• Cloud Architects designing hybrid cloud architectures

• Solutions Architects planning VMware Cloud on AWS deployments

• DevOps Engineers involved in infrastructure automation and integration

• VMware Specialists looking to extend their expertise to the AWS platform

• IT Professionals responsible for disaster recovery and business continuity

• Technical Support and Operations personnel maintaining VMware Cloud on AWS environments

• Infrastructure Security Professionals focused on hybrid cloud security

• Storage Administrators managing vSAN and external storage for VMware environments

• Professionals seeking VMware certifications related to cloud and virtualization

• Data Center Engineers transitioning to cloud-based infrastructure

• Application Managers overseeing app migration to cloud environments

• Consultants providing advisory services for cloud solutions

• Technical Sales Engineers and Pre-sales Architects proposing VMware Cloud on AWS solutions

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes:

The VMware Cloud on AWS: Deploy, Configure, Manage 2021 course equips students with the comprehensive skills needed to deploy, configure, and manage VMware's hybrid cloud solution, enhancing their expertise in cloud infrastructure.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the rationale for choosing VMware Cloud on AWS and familiarize with its management and operational structure.
  • Prepare AWS infrastructure for VMware Cloud on AWS deployment and set up a VMware Cloud on AWS account.
  • Learn the billing and pricing models associated with VMware Cloud services.
  • Gain skills in deploying, sizing, and managing SDDC clusters and hosts, including the use of Elastic DRS.
  • Access and manage vCenter Server configurations in the cloud SDDC, create VMs, and analyze HA, DRS, and resource pool settings.
  • Comprehend the internal SDDC network topology, security options, and inter-SDDC networking.
  • Understand vSAN storage usage in VMware Cloud on AWS and how to attach external storage to VMs in the SDDC.
  • Utilize Hybrid Linked Mode and explore VMware Cloud on AWS migration solutions, including VM migration with VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension.
  • Develop the ability to maintain, troubleshoot, and access API within VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Learn about disaster recovery solutions using Site Recovery and VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, and integrate other VMware products like vRealize Log Insight Cloud, VMware Horizon, and vRealize Automation Cloud with the SDDC.