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Virtual reality is one of the most advancing technology these days. It is being extensively used in many industries for simulating the actual events for training, investigation, gaming and much more. It has become a cost-effective method for various organizations and businesses globally saving a huge cost and enhancing the experience. Koenig offers following Virtual reality training through its highly experienced and industry expert trainers at its various locations in India and Dubai.

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1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Lina Qassem Alqassem United States Dec-2020 A2. it definitely offers great courses with a great way of learning.
Sara Alharbi United States Dec-2020 Maybe by giving more examples
Stephen Xiao United States Sep-2020 Great service!
Allwin Samuel Jeba United States Aug-2020 A1. The trainer is good, he has good knowledge of the Unity Framework. He thought us how to design and implement the 3D objects. However, there is much to be desired on the scripting side of the training. The scripting examples taken were very basic and few topics which was requested was not covered. etc.
Yasaswini Sai Ramya Tunuguntla United States Aug-2020 Training might have started with background of Unity.Real time examples should be more.
Padmesh Sharma United States Jan-2020 A3. Yes
Vaibhav Bahadur Mathur United States May-2019 A1. My trainer was highly nice and friendly while he was training me for the course. He had great knowledge of whatever topics were to be taught and best part was he had no time boundries of asking of doubts or clarifying the topic. He also made me do loads of assignments so my concepts became clear and made me ready for next topic to be learned.
Harshavardhan Annaveer United States Apr-2019 A1. Explained each and every doubts with good realtime scenario examples.
Prashant Puthukkudi United States Apr-2019 A3. It was a very good experience. All the knowledge transferred will be very much useful in future.
Sushma Ganganna United States Apr-2019 A3. Good and effective
Karthikeyan S United States Feb-2019 A3. N/A
Aju Nair United States Feb-2019


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