TIBCO EBX Development Course Overview

TIBCO EBX Development Course Overview

The TIBCO EBX Development Certification validates professionals' skills in using the TIBCO EBX software, a pioneering solution in data management. This certification denotes expertise in creating, managing, and sharing all master and reference data, hierarchies, business rules, and metadata. Professionals who attain this certification are viewed as proficient in managing data quality, governance, and stewardship. Industries leverage the competencies of certified professionals to optimally utilize the TIBCO EBX software in delivering high-quality, reliable, and consistent data, to drive efficient decision-making processes and create business value. They hold an edge in integrating multiple data domains for aligning diverging data sources, thus ensuring fluid business operations.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

1. Technical Knowledge
2. Knowledge of computer programming concepts
3. Experience with XML and JavaScript
4. Experience with databases, SQL and NoSQL
5. Familiarity with microservices, cloud computing and web development
6. Working knowledge of Web Services and REST APIs

Target Audience for TIBCO EBX Development Certification Training

• Experienced software developers interested in learning TIBCO EBX
• Data management professionals looking to expand their skill set
• IT professionals wanting to specialize in master data management
• TIBCO engineers seeking to deepen their knowledge in EBX
• Data analysts wanting to leverage TIBCO EBX for improved data governance
• Business intelligence professionals aiming to upskill in TIBCO EBX.

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TIBCO EBX Development Skills Measured

After completing the TIBCO EBX Development certification training, an individual can gain skills in managing and governing master data, reference data, and metadata. They will gain proficiency in the TIBCO EBX platform and its processes, and learn to design data models and workflows. The training also imparts skills related to data integration, orchestration, and transformation. In addition, the training hones one's capabilities in data quality management, matching and merging data, hierarchy management, and in leveraging the functionalities of the TIBCO EBX software.

Top Companies Hiring TIBCO EBX Development Certified Professionals

Renowned companies such as Unilever, UBS, Honeywell, Robert Bosch, and Safran are actively hiring TIBCO EBX Development certified professionals. These companies require individuals skilled in data management for improving their overall business functions and driving operational efficiency.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this TIBCO EBX Development Course?

The learning objectives of the TIBCO EBX Development course include learning to manage, govern, and consume shared master data assets. Participants will learn how to design data models and workflows, usage of the TIBCO EBX software, and TIBCO’s unified approach to manage enterprise information assets. The course will equip participants in handling simple and complex master data and metadata. Participants will further understand the TIBCO EBX platform's functionality to ensure data consistency, quality, and compliance. Skills gained from this course will also include mastering the steps to cleanse, match, merge, and manage hierarchies of data, which are crucial in any data-driven organization.