TFS 2018 Course Overview

The dependency on software within today’s business environment has prompted developers to use the best tools to build efficiently and effectively in order to meet rising demand. The Microsoft Team Foundation Server offers hands-on management of software development including database changes, service packs, and upgrades needed to add even the smallest of features.

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Your will learn:

Module 1 – Introducing the Microsoft Visual Studio family
  • What’s new in Visual Studio
  • Overview of the Visual Studio family
  • Overview of product features
  • A lap around Visual Studio Team Services
  • Project workflow across the Visual Studio suite of products
  • Overview of TFS architecture
  • Planning a TFS deployment
  • An overview of product licensing
  • SharePoint and Project Server integration
  • Installing and configuring TFS prerequisites
  • TFS installation
  • Installing Code Search
  • Optimizing your Code Search deployment
  • Understanding upgrades and updates
  • In-place vs migration-based upgrades
  • Performing your upgrade
  • Using the TFS Administration Console
  • Configuring SMTP support for TFS
  • TFS server health monitoring
  • Changing service accounts
  • Viewing installed updates
  • TFS Backup and Restore strategies
  • Understanding the TFS databases
  • Creating a backup schedule
  • The restore process
  • Refreshing the client data cache
  • Planning your projects and collections
  • Creating Team Project Collections
  • Creating Team Projects
  • Creating Project Welcome pages
  • Renaming and deleting Team Projects
  • Overview of TFS security
  • Configuring security using standard groups
  • Setting user access levels for your server
  • Understanding and configuring Teams
  • Fine-grain security options
  • TFS server level permissions
  • Setting permissions at the Team Project Collection level
  • Restricting access in TFS
  • Using command line tools for managing security
  • Setting project-wide source control settings
  • Understanding workspaces
  • Using the TFS command line utility
  • Using the TFS Rollback command
  • Using the TFS Proxy to improve performance
  • Backward compatibility using the MSSCCI provider
  • Introducing the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Installing extensions from the Marketplace
  • Managing extension requests
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  • Understanding process templates
  • Basics of template customization
  • Adding new fields to Work Item Types
  • Updating forms for new and legacy clients
  • Updating an upgraded Team Project
  • Understanding the reporting architecture
  • Adding new reports
  • Creating ad-hoc reports using Excel
  • TFS Warehouse and OLAP Cube overview
  • Changing the Data Warehouse and Analysis Services Cube processing frequency
  • Rebuild the Data Warehouse and Analysis Services Cube
  • Overview of build and release infrastructure
  • Creating agent pools and queues
  • Installing and configuring agents
  • Scaling your agent pool infrastructure
  • Overview of non-Windows agents
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Course Prerequisites

In order to sit this Team Foundation Server course, professionals are expected to have both the understanding and knowledge of server products as well as experience working with Visual Studio.

Team Foundation Server Training Course

The Teams Foundation Server Certification offers individuals the opportunity to gain detailed insights around the installation, configuration, security, permissions, reporting, customization, and installation extensions. The hands-on training teaches professionals how to build and release management and configuration of environments to foster the best practices in DevOps.

Key Features of Team Foundation Server Course

  • 5-Day instructor-led Team Foundation Server Certification Training
  • Get access to Team Foundation Server course preview to begin your preparation
  • Expert Microsoft Team Foundation Server trainers across the globe with real-world expertise
  • Accredited TFS course material prepared by SMEs
  • Team Foundation Server resources provided to participants from Koenig Solutions
  • TFS course completion certificate provided 
  • Team Foundation Server training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up Team Foundation Server Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from Team Foundation Server training include:
  • Software Development Professionals
  • Aspiring Visual Studio Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Server Administrators
  • IT Administrators
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Automation Engineers
  • AppOps Engineers
  • Professionals looking to clear their Team Foundation Server certification exam

Learning Objectives of Team Foundation Server Training

The course conducted over five days consists of fifteen different modules incorporating an introduction, installation methods, how to upgrade the software, configuration around security and how to best build and release the infrastructure. 
Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
  • Plan and install TFS in different topologies
  • Plan, migrate and upgrade TFS
  • Install, configure, optimize and troubleshoot the Code Search
  • Configure SMTP support and customize email alerts
  • Instal extensions from the Visual Studio Marketplace
  • Plan project hierarchies using Team Projects and Team Project Collections
  • Create, modify, rename and delete Team Projects and Team Project Collections 
  • Configure standard role-based security for team projects
  • Use advanced security
  • Configure version control settings including backwards compatibility
  • Customize the process template to better suit teams’ requirements
  • Understand the reporting infrastructure and create custom Excel reports 
  • Configure the Data warehouse and OLAP cube refresh and rebuilds
  • Plan, instal and manage new build environments
  • Optimize build infrastructure to provide fast feedback to teams
  • Configure a release management environment
  • Manage configuration values in release management 

Benefits of taking Team Foundation Server Training

Participants taking up the Team Foundation Server course will:
Get introduced to a secure and versatile environment in which to build software can help amplify production, detect concerns faster and take larger volumes of better-made products to market. 
As TFS is used with agile development, organizations looking to build their software using the agile method are able to quickly identify professionals capable of the same. 
Holding a Microsoft TFS certificate allows professionals to gain better compensation and perks in comparison to peers without certification. 
TFS certified professionals take a software building environment and transform it to accommodate better and more deliberate coding increasing revenue while minimizing long-term costs.
Get recognized in this challenging job market with an industry-recognized TFS certification training offered from a Microsoft Gold Partner

Exam Format

There are currently no active examinations available for TFS, however Microsoft has renamed TFS and is now called Azure DevOps Server. 
This offers professionals an opportunity  to sit the Microsoft Azure DevOps AZ-400 examination upon completion of the Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate certification. The AZ-400 examination can be completed by professionals working with Azure at an expert level.


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