Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) Course Overview

Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) Course Overview

The Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) course is a comprehensive training program designed to introduce learners to the fundamentals of the Kanban Method. It is aimed at professionals who wish to enhance their workflow management skills and optimize team efficiency. The course covers the meaning of Kanban, the structure and benefits of a Kanban System, and the core principles that govern its methodical approach to managing work.

Through interactive modules, learners will explore essential concepts such as visualizing workflow, limiting work in progress, and focusing on flow to ensure smooth operations. The course includes practical exercises like a simulation game that compares Scrum vs Kanban, providing insights into how Kanban can improve the flow of work.

Participants will also learn about advanced Kanban concepts such as work item types, class of service, and the significance of an Expedite/Fast Track Lane. Moreover, an overview of key Kanban Meetings like the Replenishment Meeting and the Daily Kanban will equip learners with the knowledge to implement Kanban practices effectively.

Upon completion, the TKP course offers actionable steps and continuous improvement strategies, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to apply Kanban principles in their organizations. The session closing allows for a Q & A to resolve any lingering questions and provides guidance on next steps for those seeking to deepen their Kanban expertise.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

The Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) course is designed to provide participants with a strong foundation in Kanban principles and practices. To ensure that participants can successfully engage with the course material and apply the concepts, the following minimum prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of project management principles: While in-depth experience is not necessary, familiarity with how projects are run and managed will be beneficial.
  • Interest in improving workflow and efficiency: A willingness to explore and adopt new methods for optimizing work processes is key for engaging with the Kanban Method.
  • Openness to change and continuous improvement: Since Kanban focuses on evolutionary change, participants should be open to learning and applying concepts that promote ongoing improvement.
  • Some experience working in a team environment: Experience with teamwork will help in understanding how Kanban can improve collaboration and coordination within a team.
  • No prior experience with Kanban is required: The course is suitable for beginners and assumes no previous knowledge of Kanban.

These prerequisites are intended to ensure that all participants can fully benefit from the TKP course. They are not meant to be barriers but rather to provide a baseline that will help facilitate a more effective learning experience.

Target Audience for Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)

The Team Kanban Practitioner course is designed for professionals seeking efficient project management and workflow optimization techniques.

  • Project Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Software Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches
  • Process Improvement Managers
  • Product Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Team Members who wish to learn Kanban
  • Professionals working in software development or IT operations (DevOps)
  • Quality Assurance Specialists
  • Product Owners
  • Operations Staff
  • Technical Leads
  • Engineers in various fields looking to improve project delivery
  • Management Professionals who want to implement Kanban within their organization

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)?

Introduction to the Course's Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered

The Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) course equips participants with the foundational skills to implement Kanban in their teams, focusing on workflow visualization, WIP limits, flow optimization, and continuous improvement.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the core concepts of the Kanban Method, including the meaning, system, and principles behind it.
  • Learn to visualize the workflow effectively using Kanban boards to enhance transparency and communication.
  • Apply the principle of limiting work in progress to improve focus and reduce multitasking.
  • Recognize the importance of focusing on flow to identify bottlenecks and improve the delivery of work.
  • Embrace continuous improvement practices to evolve work processes iteratively and efficiently.
  • Differentiate between Scrum and Kanban through a simulation game, gaining insights into the flow of work in different frameworks.
  • Explore advanced Kanban concepts such as work item types, class of service, and expedite/fast track lanes to manage diverse work demands.
  • Gain an overview of essential Kanban meetings, including the Replenishment Meeting, Daily Kanban, and Service Delivery Review, to support team synchronization and feedback loops.
  • Develop skills to read and interpret a Kanban Board, ensuring accurate tracking of work items and their status.
  • Prepare for next steps in the Kanban learning path, including the potential for more advanced training and certification opportunities.