Swift UI Certification Training Course Overview

SwiftUI is Apple's system used to create applications for Apple stages, including iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, WatchOS and tvOS.

SwiftUI gives perspectives, controls, and design structures for pronouncing your application's UI. The structure gives occasion handlers to conveying taps, motions, and different sorts of info, and instruments to deal with the progression of information from your application's models down to the perspectives and controls that clients will see and collaborate with.


Swift UI Certification Training Course (Duration : 40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to SwiftUI
  • What is SwiftUI?
  • Running SwiftUI on macOS Mojave with Xcode 11 Project
Module 2: Creating and Combining Views
  • Hello SwiftUI
  • Customizing Text and Combining Views Using Stacks
  • Displaying Images
Module 3: Building List and Navigation
  • Populating List
  • Adding Images to the List
  • Adding Navigation
  • Implementing Details Screen
  • Adding Tap and Zooming Animation
Module 4: Building Grid Layout in SwiftUI
  • What is a Grid?
  • Creating Grid with Row and Cells
  • Implementing Array Chunking Algorithm
  • Displaying Grid with Dynamic Data
Module 5: Understanding State and Binding
  • What is State?
  • Implementing @State
  • Adding Items to List Maintained by State
  • Using State to Filter List
  • What is Binding?
  • Understanding @Binding
  • Understanding ObservableObject
  • Understanding @EnvironmentObject
Module 6: Integrating SwiftUI with UIKit Apps
  • Displaying SwiftUI View In UIKit App
  • Passing Data to the SwiftUI View
  • Implementing the Image Loader Service
  • Building URLImage SwiftUI View
  • Displaying UIKit Control in SwiftUI View
Module 7: Building Custom Views with SwiftUI
  • Getting Started with Graphics in SwiftUI
  • Implementing a BarGraph View
  • Implementing the Report Model
  • Building Dynamic Graph Using Reports
  • Adding Animation
Module 8: Implementing Gestures in SwiftUI
  • Adding the Tap Gesture
  • Adding the Drag Gesture
  • Adding Magnification Gesture
  • Adding Rotation Gesture
Module 9: Forms
  • What are Forms?
  • Building Form for Notifications Settings
Module 11: Camera, Photo Library, Date Time Pickers
  • Open Camera
  • Take Picture
  • Selecting Date and Time with DatePicker
Module 12: Swift UI Animations
  • Implementing a Basic Animation
  • Creating Spring Animations
  • Combining Animations
Module 13: Core Data and Web Services
  • Setting Up Core Data
  • Implementing CoreDataManager
  • Saving to Persistent Storage Using Core Data
  • Performing CRUD Operations
  • Fetching Data from Web API and Displaying Using SwiftUI
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.


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