Supply Chain Management Fundamentals Course Overview

Supply Chain Management Fundamentals Course Overview

The Supply Chain Management Fundamentals course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices involved in effective supply chain management. It covers a range of topics from the basics of certification and systems to advanced forecasting and production control techniques.

Module 1: Certification and Systems sets the stage with foundational knowledge in SCM certifications, enhancing professional credibility, and understanding of SCM systems.

Module 2: Sales and Operations Planning dives into balancing supply and demand, while Module 3: An Overview of Forecasting and Module 4: Forecasting Techniques focus on predicting future sales.

Advanced topics are explored in Module 5: Advanced Forecasting Topics, and strategic aspects in Module 6: Strategy and the Production Plan. Module 7: Master Production Scheduling and Module 8: Material Requirements Planning go deeper into production and materials coordination.

Module 9: Capacity Planning and Modules 10-12: Production Activity Control parts 1-3, round out the course with a focus on managing production activities and resources.

Learners will gain a robust understanding of how to optimize supply chain processes, making them valuable assets to any operation focused on efficiency and effectiveness.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that participants can successfully undertake the Supply Chain Management Fundamentals course and fully benefit from its curriculum, the following are the minimum required prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of business concepts: Familiarity with general business terminology and principles will aid in comprehension of supply chain management topics.
  • Interest in supply chain and operations management: A desire to learn about the flow of goods and services within an organization and the value chain.
  • Analytical skills: The ability to analyze data and understand its implications for forecasting, planning, and decision-making processes.
  • Computer literacy: Proficiency with standard office software, as some lessons may involve the use of spreadsheets or other tools for planning and analysis.
  • Communication skills: Effective written and verbal communication skills to facilitate learning and collaboration during the course.

These prerequisites are designed to ensure that you have a foundational knowledge base upon which the course content can build. They are not intended to be barriers, but rather to set you up for success in your learning journey through the Supply Chain Management Fundamentals course.

Target Audience for Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

  1. Koenig Solutions' Supply Chain Management Fundamentals course is designed for professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in supply chain operations and strategies.

  2. Target audience for the Supply Chain Management Fundamentals course:

  • Supply Chain Analysts
  • Logistics Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Production Planners
  • Inventory Control Managers
  • Purchasing and Procurement Agents
  • Demand Planners
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Distribution Center Supervisors
  • Transportation Coordinators
  • Warehouse Operations Managers
  • ERP and Supply Chain System Users
  • Production Schedulers
  • Business Analysts with a focus on supply chain functions
  • Supply Chain Management Students or Academics
  • Professionals looking to transition into supply chain roles

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Supply Chain Management Fundamentals?

Introduction to Course Learning Outcomes

This comprehensive course on Supply Chain Management Fundamentals equips learners with advanced knowledge and skills essential for optimizing supply chain operations and enhancing organizational efficiency.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the key principles of supply chain management, including certification requirements and systems integration.
  • Gain insights into Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to align company-wide strategic goals with production capabilities.
  • Develop a foundational understanding of forecasting methods and their role in supply chain management.
  • Learn various forecasting techniques to predict demand and improve Inventory Management.
  • Explore advanced topics in forecasting to handle complex scenarios and improve accuracy.
  • Formulate effective strategies for production planning to meet market demands while minimizing costs.
  • Master the concepts and processes involved in Master Production Scheduling (MPS) for better resource allocation.
  • Implement Material Requirements Planning (MRP) to efficiently manage inventory levels and minimize waste.
  • Acquire the ability to conduct capacity planning to ensure that production resources meet the demands.
  • Enhance skills in Production Activity Control to streamline operations and improve throughput in a manufacturing setting.