StorageGRID Administration Course Overview

StorageGRID Administration Course Overview

The StorageGRID Administration certification evaluates an individual's ability to operate, manage, and administer NetApp's StorageGRID solutions. These solutions help industries to manage and control large-scale, globally distributed storage infrastructures. They are typically used for secure data preservation, distribution, and retrieval. The certification requires an understanding of storage configuration, data protection processes, and integration with other NetApp systems. Additionally, it includes the application of StorageGRID features such as multi-site deployment and geographically distributed erasure coding. The certified individual will have proven expertise in using StorageGRID to create policies that manage data longevity and access, ensuring beneficial data management in industries.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Course Prerequisites

- Basic understanding of computer networks
- Knowledge of object-oriented programming
- Acquaintance with storage systems and data protection
- Familiarity with Linux or UNIX operating systems
- Experience in storage administration or related field.

StorageGRID Administration Certification Training Overview

StorageGRID Administration certification training is designed to educate IT professionals on the implementation, management, and troubleshooting of StorageGRID systems. The course covers various topics such as grid architecture, information lifecycle management, storage service configuration and expansion, auditing and reporting metrics. It also emphasizes on understanding the administration tools, maintenance, and handling data integrity issues. The training program equips learners with the necessary skills to efficiently administer and operate StorageGRID systems, providing a comprehensive understanding of storage management technology.

Why Should You Learn StorageGRID Administration?

Learning the StorageGRID Administration course in stats provides a thorough understanding of managing robust storage solutions. It enhances strategic decision-making capabilities, boosts career prospects in data management, and helps in significantly reducing storage costs. Access to hands-on labs helps students acquire practical experience, enhancing overall proficiency.

Target Audience for StorageGRID Administration Certification Training

- IT professionals involved in installing, configuring, and maintaining StorageGRID systems
- System administrators responsible for managing data storage infrastructure
- Technical staff handling data storage, security, and network operations
- IT consultants focusing on data storage solutions
- Personnel aiming to strengthen their knowledge in advanced data storage systems

Why Choose Koenig for StorageGRID Administration Certification Training?

- Training conducted by Certified Instructors, ensuring credibility
- Boost in career through gained skills in StorageGRID Administration
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- Affordable Pricing facilitating quality education at reasonable rates
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- Flexible Dates to fit personal schedules and convenience
- Instructor-Led Online Training for interactive and engaging sessions
- Wide Range of Courses offered for comprehensive learning
- Accredited Training, giving industry-recognized validation to your skills.

StorageGRID Administration Skills Measured

After completing StorageGRID Administration certification training, an individual can gain skills in installation, configuration and management of NetApp StorageGRID solutions. They will acquire in-depth knowledge of object storage fundamentals and Grid architecture. Moreover, they will be able to efficiently handle data protection and storage efficiency features. Skills such as tackling software and hardware maintenance issues, performing troubleshooting and managing auto-support and upgrades are also earned. Additionally, they will be proficient in tenant account management and utilizing the user interfaces of StorageGRID.

Top Companies Hiring StorageGRID Administration Certified Professionals

Top companies such as Amazon, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Cognizant, Dell, Barclays, and HCL Technologies actively hire StorageGRID Administration certified professionals. These organizations seek their expertise in managing data storage, server infrastructure, System Operations, and data backup for efficient organization operations.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this StorageGRID Administration Course?

The learning objectives of the StorageGRID Administration course aim to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the StorageGRID architecture. Participants are expected to gain proficiency in operating various components like Storage Nodes, Admin Nodes, and Gateway Nodes. The course targets the understanding of data lifecycle management using ILM rules and policies. Additionally, participants should be able to perform administrative tasks including system installation, user account management, tenant management, backup, and restore operations. It also aims to develop troubleshooting skills for commonly encountered operation issues. In essence, post-course, participants should be able to operate, manage and troubleshoot a basic StorageGRID infrastructure.