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Managing data can be a tedious task manually. Splunk Certification training offers professionals an opportunity to showcase their data management and analysis skills with pinpoint precision. Splunk certificate holders are exceptionally desirable in large organizations where data management is critical to making successful business decisions. Completing a Splunk Certification course is sure to open doors to better paying and higher-ranking professional opportunities.
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Splunk Certification and Training Courses

The Splunk software platform is popularly used to monitor, search, analyze, and visualize machine-generated data in real-time. It works by capturing, indexing and correlating the real-time data into searchable containers to produce graphical representations, alerts, dashboards and visualizations for easy understanding. Some of the most sought-after Splunk certification courses are listed below.

Popular Splunk Certification and Training Courses

  1. Splunk Fundamentals 1
  2. Splunk Enterprise System Administration
  3. Splunk Core Certified Power Use 
  4. Splunk Enterprise Data Administration
  5. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) 

1. Splunk Fundamentals 1

The Splunk Fundamentals 1 course teaches individuals how to search and navigate in Splunk, use fields, obtain statistics from data, create reports, dashboards, lookups, and alerts. It offers scenario-based examples for a more hands-on, realistic approach to Splunk application. The course allows you to create robust searches, reports and charts as well as introduce you to Splunk's dataset features and Pivot interface. 

2. Splunk Enterprise System Administration

The Splunk Enterprise System Administration course is an accreditation that can be sat over two days virtually. It is designed specifically for system administrators who are in charge of managing the Splunk Enterprise environment. The course fundamentals enrich the knowledge of Splunk license managers, Splunk indexers and Search heads. It covers core configuration, management and monitoring of the Splunk Enterprise Components. 
The course topics include a Splunk Deployment Overview, License Management, Splunk Applications, Splunk Configuration Files, Users, Roles and Authentication, Getting Data In, Distributed Search and an Introduction to Splunk Clusters. 

3. Splunk Core Certified Power User

The objective of the course is to fully equip an individual with the ability to demonstrate comprehensive foundational competence of Splunk's core software. Splunk Core Certified Power Users can showcase a basic understanding of:
  • SPL searching
  • Reporting commands
  • Knowledge object creation
  • The use of field aliases and calculated 
  • Creation of tags and event types
  • Understanding to use macros to create workflow actions and data models 
  • Normalizing data with the Common Information Model in either the Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud platforms


4. Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

The Splunk Enterprise Data Administration course is also designed for system administrators but focuses on those responsible for moving data into Splunk Indexers. The course offers fundamental knowledge of Splunk forwarders and methods in order to move remote data into Splunk indexers. It covers installation, configuration, management, monitoring and troubleshooting of Splunk forwarders and Splunk Deployment Server components. 
The prerequisite for the course is the completion of the "Splunk Fundamentals 1" course. It is strongly recommended that you also complete the "Splunk Fundamentals 2" and "Splunk System Administration" courses for a better context of the course. 

5. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

The four-day Splunk IT Service Intelligence course covers key topics including:
  • ITSI architecture and deployment
  • Installing ITSI
  • Designing Services (both discovery and best practices)
  • Implementing Services and Entities 
  • Configuring correlation searches and multi KPI alerts 
  • Managing aggregation policies and anomaly detection
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance 
The course prerequisites are completion of the "Splunk Fundamentals 1", "Splunk Fundamentals 2", "Splunk Enterprise System Administration," and the "Splunk Enterprise Data Administration" courses. The 15 module course covers a variety of topics, including Glass Tables, Managing Notable Events, Investigating Issues with Deep Dives, Entities and Dependencies, Aggregation Policies, Access Control and Troubleshooting ITSI. 
Who Can Take Up Splunk Certification and Training courses?
The Splunk Certification and Training courses are best suited for individuals within an IT or Business Analytics background, including:
  • Splunk Users
  • Splunk Architects 
  • IT Service Intelligence 
  • Security Certified Administrators 
  • IT professionals 
  • Business Developers and Strategists 
  • Data Analysts
  • Professionals who are looking to understand how to use Splunk and its concepts
  • Professional looking to clear their relevant Splunk certification exams

Reasons to take up Splunk certification training from Koenig Solutions

  • Get access to a wide portfolio of Splunk certification courses at one place that covers various aspects of the Data analysis ecosystem
  • Expert instructors who deliver Splunk certification training courses for professionals belonging to various industry sectors globally
  • Get a thorough understanding of data analysis through Splunk software to monitor, search, and visualize real-time data
  • Get accredited Splunk course materials and case studies that showcase how to use Splunk software to its best of capabilities
  • Get industry-acknowledged Splunk certification training from an authorized learning partner 
  • Learners can choose their respective Splunk course with 8 hours/day or 4 hours/day options
  • Companies and teams can customize their Splunk training according to their enterprise requirements
  • Receive dedicated attention for your Splunk certification training with 1-on-1 and Fly me a trainer options


Benefits of Splunk Certification Training 

The benefits of getting Splunk certified stems from the Splunk software's functionality and how it is utilized by professionals. The application is used to offer specified data insights that can shape better decision making within an organization. As an individual takes on higher-level certifications and Training, they are able to offer more accurate and precise information depending on what they are searching for. 
Organizations are always on the hunt for professionals that amplify and simplify their decision-making processes. Especially with the transition into the digital age, missing even the simplest or real-time facts and figures could result in bad planning and poor turnovers. Additionally, the information deduced by fully utilizing the features Splunk offers creates better planning and forecasting opportunities. 
Getting Splunk certified offers individuals an opportunity to harness large volumes of data and segregate between useful and to be reviewed later. Especially within in data analysis, business strategy, and research field, the accreditation could prove exceptionally lucrative and elevate your opportunities professionally. 

Salary prospects for Splunk Certified Professionals

There is a huge demand for analysts who are Splunk certified professionals across industry sectors worldwide. With real-time data analysis gaining a lot of traction across business domains, it makes sense for enterprises and the workforce to get trained in relevant tools that help in the same. In this regard, the Splunk software tool helps individuals and enterprises to monitor, search, visualize and create custom dashboards showcasing alerts required for businesses to make data-backed decisions. With the increasing popularity of Splunk certifications, let's take a look at certified professionals' salaries globally.
United States : USD 100,000 to USD 151,000
United Kingdom: Pounds 29,000 to 80,000
India : Rupees 4.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs 
Australia : AUD 64,000 to 100,000 
UAE : AED 67,000 to 115,000
Singapore : SGD 43,000 to 223,000

Job Prospects for Splunk Certified Professionals

Professionals with Splunk certifications are in high demand due to enterprises embracing real-time data analysis to make quick decisions that aid in delivering better services, products, and customer engagement. Hence, professionals with Splunk credentials are finding job opportunities in enterprises across industry sectors worldwide. Some of the companies that are actively hiring Splunk certified professionals include Apple , Randstad, Capgemini, Deloitte, Latitude Inc, Splunk, Atos, Lockheed Martin, M-logic Inc, Jacobs, Geico, Booz Allen Hamilton, and many more. Do check out your local job listings to find relevant Splunk-based job opportunities in your region.


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The Splunk Core Certified Power User exam is available on the main splunk.com website.
The course objectives for the Splunk Enterprise Data Administration Course are broken down into twelve modules. These are:
  • Introduction to Data Administration (A Splunk Overview and Identification of the Splunk Data Administrator Role) 
  • Getting Data In - Staging 
  • Configuring Forwarders 
  • Forwarder Management (Explanation behind the use of a Forwarder Management system, Description of a Splunk Deployment Server, Management of forwarders using deployment apps, the configuration of deployment clients, a configuration of client groups and monitoring of forwarder management activities) 
  • Monitor Inputs (File and Directory creation, Input monitoring and deployment of a remote monitor input)
  • Network and Scripted Inputs 
  • Agentless Inputs (Identification of Windows input types and uses, Understanding Additional options to move data into Splunk, HTTP Even
In order to sit the Splunk Enterprise System Administration course, individuals are required to have completed the "Splunk Fundamentals 1" course offered by Splunk.com. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that individuals sit the "Splunk Fundamentals 2" course as well for better context and further understanding.
The Splunk Fundamentals 1 course is offered in various training delivery modes that include:
  • Instructor-led Classroom Training
  • Instructor-led Live Online Training
  • 1-on-1 Training
  • Fly-me-a Trainer
  • Topic-based Training

The course is recommended for consultants. It teaches them how to install and configure Splunk's application for IT service intelligence (ITSI). Individuals will learn how to use ITSI in order to monitor mission-critical services. The topics covered include ITSI architecture, deployment planning, installation, service design, implementation, configuring entities, notable events, and developing glass tables and deep dives. This information helps them provide well-rounded guidance to the organizations they work for or with.