Java Programming Training Courses

Java Programming language is one of the most used and most popular languages in the world of IT development. Given its properties of platform independence, object-oriented approach, reusable code and dynamic classes – Java has emerged to be the most preferred language for programmers. The cherry on the cake is that it is quite easy to learn and implement, thus making it highly favorable in the programming community. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it was built keeping security in mind, and thus enables programmers to write code with fewer bugs, in lesser time.

Our Java programming courses cover the length and breadth of this platform-independent and object-oriented language that one can learn and implement easily for programming purposes. As the language enables faster coding with fewer bugs, it is the favourite of programmers. Our training courses can offer the expertise of Java to all who want to use it for coding on different devices. Our range of courses goes from Java SE 7 and SE 8 fundamentals and EC Council training to Core Java and developing apps with Java EE 6.

    Java Programming Quick Facts

  • There are nearly 9 million Java developers in the world, and they earn a median salary of $83,975.00
  • 95% of enterprises use Java for programming in some form or another
  • Java runs on more than 1 billion smartphones since Google’s Android OS uses Java APIs
  • Koenig Solutions is a provider of a variety of IT training programs and courses. We also offer specialised training on programming in Java, which includes the courses given below. Learners can take up a suitable Java programming course according to their existing knowledge of programming, as well as their skills and interests.

    Java SE

  • Java SE7 Fundamentals - Equip yourself with the concepts of Java language based on object oriented programming with our Java SE7 Fundamentals course. Participants to the program will learn about Java Technology and Java Data Types.
  • Java SE 7 Programming - Become proficient with Java language concepts and get the essential skills required for using JDK 7 Technology and the NetBeans IDE to develop applications.
  • JAVA SE 8 New Features - Get up to date on the major changes and enhancements in Oracle Java SE 8. During this course develop an understanding of the basics, and use streams and lambda expressions with collections.
  • JAVA SE 8 Fundamentals - With this course gain knowledge of object-oriented programming principles, including the constructor and keywords exclusive to Java programming language.
  • Java SE 8 Programming - Classes, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism etc. are some of the concepts you will master in Java language with our Java SE8 Programming course.


  • Develop Java Web Apps with AngularJS - Learn how to create interactive web applications. Candidates will also learn how to test, extend and sustain the applications.
  • Java Persistence with Hibernate - Learn how to solve Object-Relational impedance mismatch problems. WIth this program, candidates will learn the basics of ORM and Hibernate.
  • Koenig course in Core Java - If interested in Java programming and application, join this course. Candidates will learn programming structure and language syntax

    Who Should Do This Course

    As one of the most trusted languages, one should learn and master Java through proper certification training on it. As the language is now being used for programming on the Android platform, it is critical to be trained to apply it widely. Thus, our courses are not only designed for beginners or entry-level developers and programmers but these are also very useful for those IT professionals who have been developing on other languages or who want to be Java experts for their organisations.


    To undergo our Java programming training, there are not many prerequisites. However, candidates should have the basic knowledge of computers and programming techniques. Depending on the level of the course, they may also need to have some specific skills like the exposure to any generation programming language. A few programs may require candidates to have completed another Java certification program or have some knowledge of Java. Candidates should check the exact prerequisite before pursuing a course.

    Benefits of Java Programming Course

    Java programming training conducted by our industry experts has high value for beginners, as well as experienced programmers. We offer courses that cover the applicability of Java from Java SE and Java EE to Java for Android. Thus, there are varied course levels at which candidates can start their training. They can be selective about the skills they require to gain from a Java programming course. Those already possessing the base knowledge can go for advanced training of the language and its applicability in several domains.

  • Through our Java training, candidates can become professional Java developers, who can create innovative Android apps, monetize their mobile and Web apps, and even design and develop edge and IoT devices.
  • Being certified through our training can help experts in manipulating file systems and directories.
  • The training helps them apply the best practices to designing multi-threaded applications that are high-performance and robust.


What is the Java programming language?

  • Java is an object oriented, platform-independent language. Java programming is now the most popular language in the world of information technology including Android based mobile platform. For seamless use of this programming language proper Java programming training and certification is required like EC Council Training, Java EE training, Java SE training, etc.

What is the use of Java?

  • Java has wide many applications in different environments. It is the most trusted program in Android OS. These days Java Programming is also used in the design and development of IoT and edge devices. In any case, proper Java programming training is a must as varieties of Java platforms are available like Java SE, Java EE, Java for Android, etc, each of which requires intensive knowledge for the appropriate application.

How do I start programming in Java?

  • If you have basic knowledge on C programming then Java will be easier for you. Even if you don’t have that knowledge you need a proper Java Programming Training. Varieties of need-based Java programming courses are available with us in multiple of Java platform. Just choose one and start learning Java.

What certifications are available for mobile Java developers?

  • Various Android Training and Certification courses are available with us for mobile Java programming. Professional Android Apps development, ATC Monetize Android application, Android wearable, Android NDK, etc. are some of the best Java programming training courses to become professional Java developer. These courses and certifications are authorized by Android, so these are globally valid.

How valuable are Java certifications?

  • Java programming languages are the most popular and trusted programming language all over the world. With the increasing use of mobile devices, the applicability of Java has been increasing rapidly. Hence, in future, dynamic Java programming training and certifications will get ever-increasing value. Our Java progress in different Java Platforms are like Java SE, Java EE, and Java for Android are already quite popular.