Big Data Analytics Training Courses

Technology has penetrated so deep into our lives that every task is now possible with a click of a button. Add to it the option of connecting multiple devices and settings, and you get a huge chunk of unmanaged voluminous data that can only be measured and analyzed through sophisticated systems and analytics. This huge amount of structured on unstructured data that can be mined to get useful insights and reveal patterns, is called BIG DATA.

Data is everywhere, every digital process or social media exchange generates Big Data.

    Quick Facts on Big Data

  • More than 75% of companies are investing or planning to invest in big data in the next two years
  • Value of the big data market in 2015 was $59 billion, and it is expected to reach $102 billion by 2019

Koenig Solutions are a one-stop shop for all learners who require different IT training and certifications. One such value-adding specialisation is in the domain of Big Data Analytics. Explore what our Big Data Analytics training is all about.

Scope of Big Data Certification is huge, and its potential in the job market is going to be limitless in the coming years. Businesses are on the lookout for experts who can tap this potential data, analyze it and reveal insightful trends that can be used by organizations for critical decision making.

Big Data Analytics Courses

All major data courses are provided in 3 normal levels and 1 special level. Each one is described as follows:

    Beginner Level

  • Start with Apache Hadoop – It deals with basics of Hadoop, architecture, components, and operation. Start with Apache Hadoop educates about studying Big Data use and carry out data analysis using MapReduce.
  • Hadoop Ecosystem Essentials With Use Case – It provides knowledge about various fundamentals of Hadoop and its vital components. It also deals with information about various tools related to Java and Linux, along with providing insight into the introduction to Pig and Hive.

    Intermediate Level

  • Cloudera Hadoop Developer – The Cloudera Hadoop Developer course is ideal for developing proficiency in working with APIs by writing MapReduce code. Basic familiarity with Linux and SQL commands is a must for this course.
  • Master Hadoop Administration – This course is ideal for learning and comprehending creation and management of Hadoop cluster, Hadoop file system, and storage management. Candidates can learn load balancing and tuning to solve and diagnose issues experienced in Apache Hadoop deployment.
  • Cloudera Data Analyst Training for Apache Hadoop – A Cloudera Data Analyst Training for Apache Hadoop is ideal for candidates looking to learn the creation of robust data processing applications by making use of Apache Hadoop. It also deals with debugging, implementation of workflows and common algorithms, and Hadoop development.

    Expert Level

  • Data Science & Big Data Analytics – The course is ideal for becoming skilled at designing cloud-based ITaas (IT-as-a-service) solutions. Data Science & Big Data Analytics aims at business, governance, organisational, and service management aspects from the point of view of a design-centric perspective.

    Beginner to Expert Level

  • Career Enabler™ : Mastering Apache Hadoop – All the Apache Hadoop newcomers seeking to go through the A to Z of Apache Hadoop need to pursue a Career Enabler™: Mastering Apache Hadoop course.

Who Should Do This Course

Whether one is a data analyst, programmer, developer, administrator, quality tester or data scientist, any such professional in the IT domain who has a base in programming and development can take up our Big Data Analytics courses.


  • To go through our Big Data Analytics training at the beginner level, professionals should have the basic knowledge of core operating systems and programming languages.
  • At the intermediate and expert levels, it is important to possess the knowledge of Java, Linux, Hadoop fundamentals and scripting languages, along with programming and development experience.
  • Aspirants must also possess strong mathematical and quantitative skills to take up our training on Big Data Analytics.

Benefits of Big Data Analytics Course

Our Big Data certification course offers hands-on experience in IT data measurement, structuring and analysis of such professionals who need to deal with voluminous data and churn out useful information and patterns from its analysis. Some of its other benefits are:

  • Better marketing and customer service
  • Competitive edge over competitors
  • Fresh revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Structured transaction data
  • Informed business decisions