Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Course Overview

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Course Overview

The SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) certification is a credential that validates a professional's ability to oversee and manage the efficiency of their organization's network. The certification focuses on skills related to detecting, diagnosing, and resolving network performance issues using SolarWinds software. This encompasses aspects like fault and performance management, network availability, and device tracking. Industries generally make use of NPM certification to ensure high network availability and optimal performance, crucial for businesses to maintain productivity and to avoid costly downtime. By leveraging the expertise of SolarWinds NPM certified professionals, industries can optimize resources, troubleshoot effectively, and ensure the smooth running of their network infrastructure.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 32 Hours)
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Classroom Training price is on request

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Course Prerequisites

• Basic understanding of network infrastructure
• Familiarity with network monitoring concepts
• Knowledge of SolarWinds software suite
• Experience in network management or system administration
• Ability to interpret network diagrams and identify potential issues
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Hands-on experience with SolarWinds products is beneficial.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Certification Training Overview

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring certification training equips IT professionals with the skills to efficiently manage and optimize network performance. The course covers critical topics such as network fault, availability and performance monitoring, bandwidth analysis, network configuration management, and network troubleshooting. Trainees also learn how to implement SolarWinds' suite of network management software to enhance network visibility, performance, and security. The training combines theoretical knowledge with practical exercises to ensure learners fully grasp the complexities of network performance monitoring.

Why Should You Learn Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring?

Learning Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring course enhances the ability to manage and optimize network performance efficiently. It contributes to improved IT skills, increased career prospects, and better problem-solving abilities related to network issues. It also offers in-depth knowledge about network planning, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Target Audience for Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Certification Training

- Network administrators and managers
- IT professionals dealing with network systems
- Tech students or fresh graduates aiming to specialize in network management
- Network analysts seeking to improve their skills
- Professionals working in companies intending to implement SolarWinds
- Managed Service Providers (MSPs) planning to use SolarWinds for their clients.

Why Choose Koenig for Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Certification Training?

• Certified Instructor: Koenig Solutions offers guidance from certified SolarWinds trainers, ensuring expert-led lessons in Network Performance Monitoring.
• Boost Your Career: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring training aids in career growth, offering advanced technical skills prerequisite for many roles.
• Customized Training Programs: Koenig Solutions facilitates personalized training programs, tailored to individual learning needs and schedules.
• Affordable Pricing: They offer cost-effective training opportunities that provide value for money.
• Flexible Dates: Their course schedule is flexible, allowing learners to opt for a convenient time.
• Instructor-Led Online Training: Koenig offers real-time, interactive online training that fosters a conducive learning environment.
• Accredited Training: The SolarWinds training provided is accredited, adding genuineness and credibility to learning outcomes.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Skills Measured

After completing the Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring certification training, an individual will gain skills such as understanding and implementing network performance monitoring and management. They will develop proficiency in using Solarwinds software solutions to troubleshoot network issues, analyze performance data, and ensure the overall health and efficiency of network systems. Furthermore, they will learn how to configure alerts, generate reports, and use advanced network monitoring features. They will also be able to effectively manage network capacity and implement integration with other Solarwinds tools.

Top Companies Hiring Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Certified Professionals

Leading companies like Cisco, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon actively hire Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring certified professionals. These companies highly value skilled personnel who can optimize their network performance and enhance the overall operational efficiency using SolarWinds tools. These professionals play a crucial role in identifying and resolving network issues, thereby ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring Course?

The learning objectives of the Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring course aim to equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently utilize Solarwinds software. More specifically, the course is designed to:
1. Provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of network performance monitoring principles.
2. Teach learners how to set up, configure, and manage Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor.
3. Enable learners to implement effective network fault and performance management strategies using Solarwinds tools.
4. Familiarize learners with Solarwinds' features and functionalities, including its alerting and reporting capacities.
5. Equip learners with the proficiency to troubleshoot and resolve network issues with Solarwinds' diagnostics.
6. Develop learners' capabilities in maintaining a secure, reliable, and high-performing network infrastructure.

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitoring