Security Operations Centre (SOC) Training & Certification Courses


Security Operations Centre (SOC) training courses will help you to understand about responding security incidents and vulnerabilities. In this courses, you will learn how to Improve your operational security capability, leverage the security operations centre (SOC) analyst and specialist training techniques used in vulnerability management and security information event management (SIEM) platforms. You will also the fundamental knowledge required to address the cyber threat lifecycle, looking at common and advanced attack vectors, detection, reporting and collaboration and simulated attack.

Target Audience:

  • This training course is intended for cyber security analyst responsible for defending organisations from cyber-attacks.
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1-on-1 training (private class) – convenient start time, flexible timings.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Patrick Sungura United States Apr-2021 Koenig needs to get well experienced Trainer
Mohamed Saber Abdelal United States Mar-2021 Nope, i like more one to many
Amirah Jassir Aldosari United States Nov-2020 A2. So good
Muhammad Nasir Islam United States Nov-2020 1. Make learning more flexible and accessible 2. Take Learner Analytics Seriously
Ahmad Reshad Fayez United States Nov-2020 A2. good to support student from other countries
Nasir Ghafary United States Nov-2020 A2. Koenig is fantastic and has offered a tremendously awesome package to me through this training.
Milan Sunny United States Oct-2020 A1. Shreyans got great understanding on the course materials and able to clear the doubts raised. He was approachable and flexible on timings as well.
Dilip Thakur United States Oct-2020 Good experience till yet
Tokuma Olkeba Furi United States Oct-2020 A1. I see from my side He is an experienced and have knowledge on the course he give us.
Sailajananda Banerjee United States Oct-2020 A2. I got every details regarding the training like login link, meeting link, virtual lab link, prerequisites material link over mail in advanced before start of the training program. My trainer is excellent and he has excellent knowledge. Classes started on time as per schedule. It was one to one training. I do not find any difficulties during the training. The entire training system is excellent.
Salvakhir Aman Ahmed United States Oct-2020 A2. most of the chapters are lab based and it help us to see in practical
Mulu Dassawu Etana United States Oct-2020 A1. The trainer has skills, knowledge, and good preparation for training.
Olanrewaju Atanda United States Sep-2020 Koenig simply organized excellently clean learning experience.
Sangisha Dhaka United States Sep-2020 Improve on practical labs mostly there not well organized
Armand Lusakueno United States Aug-2020 A2. Koening is assuring you have all the necessary you are requesting to understand your courses


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