Sitecatalyst Training is focused at SiteCatalyst Version 15 users. The training providing in this course is personalized to help us use Adobe SiteCatalyst to find responses to our business queries. We will absorb how the reporting interface and navigation work, how to run reports to get the replies we are viewing for, and how to organize reports for current decision-making. It will also reinforce on how to allocate reports, make valuable dashboards and segment our data so that we can get the correct data to the right people at the right time. Course Objectives: Adobe Site Catalyst to make the most of our web site goals and change by Understanding the Web site conversion process. Customizing reports to response business questions. Mechanizing report delivery throughout our organization. Consideration on how reports fit into the conversion method. Segmenting data to discover new insights.

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Classroom Training*
Duration : 2 Days
Fee : Online : $900  (1-on-1), London : £1,300, Dubai : $1,600 , India : $900

02-03 (london)
08-09 (Dubai)
09-10 (london)
06-07 (london)
12-13 (Dubai)
13-14 (london)
Instructor-Led Online Training
Duration : 2 Days
Fee :  $900

Duration : 2 Days
Fee : On Request
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As per mutual convenience

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Course Prerequisites

Adobe SiteCatalyst User Training has been designed to help anyone, regardless of experience, to start using Adobe SiteCatalyst effectively.

Precisely designed for the Adobe SiteCatalyst user working on the Version 15 platform. Anyone using Adobe SiteCatalyst to produce, modify, examine and allocate reports to enhance their Web site will advantage from appearing.