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SharePoint Admin Training SharePoint Admin plays a pivotal role in today's digital workplace, as SharePoint itself is a widely adopted enterprise collaboration and content management platform. Developed by Microsoft , SharePoint enables organizations to create websites, store, organize, share, and access information from any device with web connectivity. Its importance in the modern environment cannot be overstated, considering the shift towards remote work and the need for secure, centralized document management.

Learning SharePoint Administration is crucial for IT professionals aiming to manage and configure SharePoint environments effectively. Mastery of this technology helps ensure that businesses can facilitate teamwork, streamline data access, and improve overall productivity. SharePoint Admins are responsible for tasks like setting up permissions, managing user access, and overseeing the system’s architecture.

Use cases for SharePoint span a multitude of industries, ranging from document and project management to intranet portals and custom web applications. Major corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, rely on SharePoint for its integration with Microsoft Office suites and its adaptable platform for custom solutions.

For those seeking to enhance their IT skill set, understanding SharePoint Administration opens doors to numerous opportunities in businesses of all sizes. As more companies continue to invest in SharePoint for its robust features and scalability, the demand for skilled SharePoint Administrators is on the rise.
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Microsoft SharePoint Administrator Certifications & Training Courses - 👉Enroll Now | Koenig Solutions

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Microsoft SharePoint Administrator Certifications & Training Courses - 👉Enroll Now | Koenig Solutions

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Microsoft SharePoint Administrator Certifications & Training Courses - 👉Enroll Now | Koenig Solutions

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History of SharePoint Admin

History of SharePoint

SharePoint , a web-based collaboration platform integrated with Microsoft Office , launched in 2001 and has evolved significantly over the past two decades. Initially conceived to manage documents and store files in a central location, SharePoint quickly became a robust tool for enterprise content management and collaboration .

Throughout its development, key milestones include the introduction of SharePoint Portal Server in 2001, which provided a framework for information sharing and document management within an organization. In 2007, SharePoint added features for business intelligence, supporting businesses in making data-driven decisions. The 2010 and 2013 updates brought enhanced social networking capabilities, search functions , and website management tools, catering to the growing demand for a sophisticated digital workplace .

The advent of SharePoint Online , as part of the Office 365 suite , marked a significant shift towards cloud computing – offering greater scalability, remote access, and reduced maintenance costs. SharePoint's history is a testament to its adaptability, staying relevant by embracing the cloud and fostering team collaboration in an increasingly digital world. Constant updates and community support ensure SharePoint remains a cornerstone for organizational productivity and information management .

Recent Trends in SharePoint Admin

Trends in SharePoint Administration The landscape of SharePoint Admin is continuously evolving, with SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 integration at the forefront. Modern SharePoint experiences are becoming more seamless and user-friendly, with enhanced collaboration tools and AI-powered search capabilities. Admins are now leveraging the Power Platform to create custom solutions and automate workflows, enhancing productivity across organizations.Hybrid SharePoint environments are gaining traction, allowing businesses to enjoy the benefits of both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. Security in SharePoint has seen significant advancements with Advanced Threat Protection and Sensitive Information Types to safeguard data.Furthermore, SharePoint Spaces is an emerging trend, introducing mixed reality to enable interactive and immersive experiences. With the integration of Teams , SharePoint is becoming a central hub for remote collaboration, reflecting the shift to a more digital and connected workforce. These trends are shaping the future of SharePoint Admin, making it an exciting time for IT professionals in this field.

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One of the largest firms within the IT space is Microsoft. A tastemaker in the software development space, Microsoft has crafted a strong and versatile tool to facilitate the same. Professionals carrying this Microsoft SharePoint Administrator certification are not only considered more relevant within business spaces but also achieve better positions with stronger responsibilities around an integral component of business development; The Internet.

Participants can take up their Microsoft SharePoint Administrator certification exams from Pearson Vue test centers.

While on the job experience offers the best practical training, consistent studying and hand-on practice offers a strong method to prepare for the examination. Preparation is well rounded when a combination of study materials and course outlines are included. An exam reference guide is available through a quick Google search along with other study guides to assist with independent preparation. Understanding the best study practices comes from what you think would work best for you, so be sure to do adequate research around the resources available.

The Microsoft/Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 course spans over five as is standard with Microsoft offered courses. The course stretches over 14 modules and offers a number of practical labs scattered throughout for a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter in a hands-on sense.

As part of your Microsoft SharePoint Administrator certification training,  you will receive:
  • A copy of the Microsoft SharePoint Administrator training course material
  • Instructor-led training with hands-on lab sessions
  • Practice test questions and answers through Qubits
  • Course completion certificate

Candidates are expected to have a minimum experience of four years around planning and maintenance of SharePoint and other integral technologies SharePoint uses including Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server 2008 R2 or later, Active Directory and networking infrastructure services. Candidates are also expected to have experience around business continuity management, including data backup, restoration and high availability in addition to experience around authentication and security technologies. An understanding of PowerShell is also highly recommended.

Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner to deliver Microsoft SharePoint Administrator training worldwide. As a Gold Partner, they get access to a lot of resources from Microsoft, which in turn will be shared with participants.

Once professionals or individuals complete the SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Administration course, they are able to;
  • Design and implement a company portal structure maximizing SharePoint 2013 objects including but not limited to, libraries, sites, Pages, and lists
  • Explaining the role of security and permissions throughout SharePoint 2013
  • Implementing guidelines around consistency for building a company portal to aid day-to-day administration in SharePoint 2013
  • Enhancing of designs and content on a company portal using SharePoint 2013 themes and web parts
  • Explaining the importance of governance around planning and management for the future growth of SharePoint 2013 implementation
  • Identifying options to integrate data from other systems including preservation of existing data
  • Explaining the role of social networking in SharePoint 2013 and its effects on coll