Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) Course Overview

Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) Course Overview

The Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) course is a comprehensive training program designed to teach system administrators how to manage their infrastructure using Red Hat Satellite. The course covers planning, deploying, and managing the Satellite infrastructure, which includes software lifecycle management, host registration, software deployment, and the use of capsule servers.

Students will learn to streamline and automate the management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems, thereby improving efficiency and reducing operational costs. Through hands-on lessons and exercises, learners will gain experience in the complete setup of Red Hat Satellite, the execution of remote commands, provisioning hosts, using Satellite's API, and maintaining a Satellite environment on a cloud platform.

By the end of the training, participants familiar with red hat satellite training and redhat satellite training will have the skills necessary to ensure their systems are running efficiently, securely, and in compliance with various standards, preparing them for real-world satellite administration tasks.

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Course Prerequisites

To ensure that participants are well-prepared to successfully undertake training in the Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) course, the following minimum required prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic familiarity with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) system administration. This should include an understanding of Linux command line operations, system installation, and basic system administration.
  • Knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems management and configuration. This includes an understanding of how to configure local storage and file systems, manage users and groups, and control system services.
  • An understanding of software management on Red Hat systems using YUM and RPM.
  • Experience with Red Hat Subscription Management or equivalent technology for managing Red Hat software subscriptions and entitlements.
  • Familiarity with system monitoring and logging, which involves checking system performance and health, and reviewing system logs for issues.
  • Basic knowledge of network services and protocols (e.g., HTTP/S, FTP, DNS, DHCP, SSH) is beneficial.
  • Prior attendance in Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) and Red Hat System Administration II (RH134), or Red Hat System Administration III (RH254), or equivalent experience is highly recommended.

These prerequisites are intended to provide a foundation that will help learners effectively engage with the course material and participate in hands-on labs and exercises. If learners have concerns about meeting these prerequisites, they are encouraged to consult with a training advisor for guidance on additional preparation or coursework that can help them get ready for the RH403 course.

Target Audience for Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403)

The Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration course is tailored for IT professionals managing software deployment life cycles on Red Hat servers.

  • System administrators and IT professionals responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) systems management
  • DevOps engineers focusing on automation and orchestration within Red Hat environments
  • IT operations personnel looking to efficiently manage software releases and updates
  • Infrastructure architects planning scalable deployments on Red Hat Satellite
  • Cloud administrators who deploy and manage Red Hat instances on cloud platforms
  • Technical support engineers providing maintenance for Red Hat Satellite environments
  • Security professionals ensuring compliance and security standards within their Red Hat infrastructure
  • Systems engineers who integrate Red Hat Satellite with other API-driven services
  • Professionals seeking to learn advanced Red Hat Satellite features for career advancement

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403)?

Introduction to Course Learning Outcomes and Concepts:

The Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration (RH403) course equips students with the knowledge to plan, deploy, manage, and maintain a Red Hat Satellite infrastructure, ensuring efficient software lifecycle management and system provisioning on a corporate scale.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Plan and Deploy Red Hat Satellite: Understand the requirements and perform the installation and initial configuration of Red Hat Satellite servers.
  • Manage Software Life Cycles: Create and manage life cycle environments for streamlined and controlled software deployment.
  • System Registration and Grouping: Learn to register Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems to Satellite and organize them for simplified management.
  • Software Deployment: Master the deployment of software to registered hosts, including managing content views and life cycle environments.
  • Custom Software Management: Develop the skills to create, manage, and deploy custom software products and repositories.
  • Satellite Capsule Server Deployment: Install and configure Satellite capsule servers within a deployment plan to extend Satellite's functionality.
  • Remote Execution Commands: Configure and use remote execution capabilities for ad hoc and scheduled tasks on managed hosts.
  • Host Provisioning: Set up Satellite for host deployment and perform provisioning of hosts.
  • API Integration: Utilize the Red Hat Satellite API for script or application integration, enabling custom automation and extended functionality.
  • Cloud Deployment Planning: Plan and execute the deployment of Red Hat Satellite on a cloud platform, considering the specific challenges and benefits.
  • Server Maintenance: Manage and maintain the security, recoverability, and scalability of the Red Hat Satellite server to ensure ongoing operational integrity.

Through these modules, students will gain practical, hands-on experience with Red Hat Satellite, preparing them to efficiently manage and automate enterprise software deployments and system provisioning.