React - (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) Course Overview

React - (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) Course Overview

The React certification, including Hooks, React Router, and Redux, is a standardized assessment that validates proficiency in React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. The certification covers core aspects like managing state with Hooks for function components, routing with React Router for single-page applications, and managing complex state logic using Redux. Industries leverage this certification to gauge a developer’s ability in building and managing complex front-end solutions using React. Mastery of these skills is necessary to ensure the creation of optimized, maintainable web applications that provide a seamless user experience and perform reliably across different browsers and devices.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 56 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

1. A foundational knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
2. Knowledge of building applications for web browsers
3. Familiarity with web architectures such as models, views, and controllers
4. Working knowledge of one or more JavaScript libraries such as JQuery, Prototype, or AngularJS
5. Understanding of key React concepts, including components, props, and JSX
6. Knowledge of Redux state container and ability to work with Redux store, reducers, and middleware
7. Understanding of navigation principles such as React Router and React Navigation
8. Knowledge of HTTP request principles and API-based integrations, including AJAX
9. Understanding of React Hooks API

Target Audience for React - (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) Certification Training

- Web developers interested in expanding their skill set
- Software engineers seeking proficiency in front-end development
- Beginners with basic programming knowledge aiming to learn react framework
- Professionals wanting to upgrade their knowledge in hooks, react router, and redux
- IT individuals looking for career advancement.

Why Choose Koenig for React - (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) Certification Training?

• Koenig Solutions provides certified instructors who are experts in React, ensuring high-quality training.
• The training program boosts career progression by imparting in-demand skills.
• Customized training programs allow learners to focus on areas of interest or difficulty.
• Destination training gives individuals exposure to real-world technical environments.
• Affordable pricing for quality training makes it accessible to many.
• The institution has a dishtinguished reputation as a top training institute.
• Flexible dates cater to diverse schedules and needs of individuals.
• Instructor-led online training makes lessons interactive and easier to understand.
• Wide range of courses in the tech field are offered for holistic learning.
• All training programs are accredited, ensuring recognition and credibility.

React - (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) Skills Measured

After completing React training, one can gain profound understanding of React fundamentals, learn to implement React hooks, Redux for state management and React Router for navigation. They will be equipped to develop and test responsive, user-friendly web applications using React library and utilize different React features for handling events, forms and manage application's state. Additionally, they can understand life-cycle methods, JSX syntax, function and class components. Moreover, they will learn to integrate API, ES6 features and understand Redux middleware. Ultimately, these skills can enhance career prospects in front-end development.

Top Companies Hiring React - (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) Certified Professionals

Top firms hiring React certified professionals include Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Adobe Systems, IBM, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Shopify, and Slack. These tech giants utilize React for building user interfaces in applications. Skills in Hooks, React Router and Redux are highly valued, making certified professionals highly sought after.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this React - (incl. Hooks, React Router and Redux) Course?

The learning objectives of a course focusing on React, including Hooks, React Router, and Redux are to help students understand and master the fundamentals and advanced features of React.js. The course aims to teach how to build dynamic and complex user interfaces using reusable components and managing the application state with Redux. It also intends to inculcate the practical knowledge of handling side effects with Redux middleware, navigating with React Router, and using Hooks for state management in functional components. By the end of the course, learners should be able to create robust UX-focused web applications using React.js.