R12.x Oracle HRMS Learning Management Fundamentals

R12.x Oracle HRMS Learning Management Fundamentals Certification Training Course Overview

The course on R12.x Oracle HRMS Learning Management Fundamentals offers a complete overture to the execution of Oracle Learning Management. Participants will be able to make themselves acquainted with what decisions they must make before they set up flexfields, establish catalog structures, conference servers, and configure options. Students will be able to manage all features of learning management, from content and catalog hierarchies to enrollments, etc. Students will learn to organize instructor-led classes and enrollments through a system of enrollment and class statuses. This training will teach participants how OLM employs instructor and learner workflow notifications and competencies.

Audience: This course is best suited for Business Analysts, Business Intelligence Developers, End User, Functional Implementers, Project Managers, Reports Developers, Sales Consultants, and Support Engineers.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Learning Management Overview
  • Objectives
  • Learning Management Tasks and Features
  • Catalog Management
  • Content Management
  • Resources
  • Enrollments
  • Self-Service Interfaces
  • Internal and For Profit Learning
Module 2: Decisions
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Integration Decisions
  • Content Decisions
  • Decision on Courses
  • Enrollment Decisions
  • Resource Decisions
  • Decisions on Competencies
  • Security Decisions
Module 3: Implementation I: Introduction and Flexfields
  • Objectives
  • OLM Implementation Process
  • Flexfields
  • Key Flexfield Structure
  • Training Resource Key Flexfield
  • Descriptive Flexfields
Module 4: Implementation II: Administration and Organizations
  • Setting Up Users
  • Creating Lookups
  • Defining Business Groups
  • Defining Training Organizations
  • Defining a Site Location
Module 5: Implementation III: Catalog and Content
  • Resources Setup
  • Delivery Modes
  • Categories and Courses
  • Class and Enrollment Statuses
  • Learners and Training Managers
  • Content Server Setup
  • SCORM Adapter Setup
  • Conference Server Setup
Module 6: Implementation IV: Pricing and Finance
  • Financial Setup
  • Interface to Your Financial System
  • Managing Currencies
  • Cross-Charging
  • Reports
Module 7: Implementation V: Security and Integrated Applications
  • Financial Security
  • Enrollment Status Security
  • Function and Security Configuration
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Security Groups
  • Organization Security
  • Profile Options
  • Order Management Integration Setup
Module 8: Catalog
  • Catalog Hierarchy
  • Categories
  • Courses
  • Offerings
  • Classes and Sessions
  • Competencies
  • Web Conferences
  • Learner Access
Module 9: Learning Paths and Learning Certifications
  • Learning Path Sections and Components
  • Subscription and Enrollment
  • Learning Certifications
  • Completion and Renewal
  • Learning Certification Statuses
Module 10: Content Assembly
  • Designing the Content Hierarchy
  • Creating the Content Structure
  • Creating Learning Objects
  • Learning Object Content
  • Quick Offerings
  • Player Prerequisites
Module 11: Test Building
  • The Test Model
  • Creating Question Banks
  • Managing Questions and Responses
  • Creating Tests
  • Assembling Tests
  • Analyzing Test Results
Module 12: Import and Export
  • Import and Export Utilities
  • Import and Export Specifications
  • Learning Object Import
  • Tracking Types
  • Test Import
  • Content and Assessment Hierarchy Import
  • Content Export
  • Content Upload
Module 13: Resources
  • Resource Types
  • Resources
  • Suppliers and Customers
  • Resource Booking
  • Required Resources
  • Double-Booking Resources
Module 14: Pricing and Finance
  • Price Lists
  • Extending and Modifying Price List Entries
  • Finance Headers and Lines
  • Finance Transfer Capabilities
  • Finance Transfer Process
  • Finance Header and Currency
  • Cross Charge Training Fees and Resources
Module 15: Enrollments
  • Customer and Worker Enrollments
  • Waiting List Management
  • Class Statuses
  • Enrollment Statuses
  • Combined Statuses
  • Enrollment Updates
  • External Learning
  • Reporting on Enrollment
Module 16: Self-Service Interfaces
  • Learner Interface
  • Manager Interface
  • Instructor Interface
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Course Prerequisites
  • Knowledge of Oracle Application.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Execute implementation tasks such as setting up content, conference servers, and flexfields.
  • Set up content and catalog structures.
  • Construct options such as integrations with applications and automatic wait listing.
  • Manage all aspects of enrollments, learning management, finance, and resource allocation.
  • Manage enrollments and IL classes through a system of class statuses.
  • Administer a content chain of command of learning objects.
  • Produce online tests and question banks to assess learners' skills and knowledge.
  • Access OLM as instructors, learners, and managers with the use of the self-service interfaces.

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