R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals Course Overview

R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals Course Overview

The R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals course provides learners with comprehensive knowledge about setting up and implementing Advanced Benefits within the Oracle E-Business Suite. This course delves into various key elements such as life events, benefits enrollment requirements, dependent and beneficiary designation, activity rates, coverage calculations, flex credits, benefits pools, benefits communications, and online benefits services. It also covers critical U.S. benefits regulations, including COBRA and HIPAA, ensuring that learners understand the legal aspects of benefits administration.

By participating in this course, learners will gain hands-on experience with Oracle's HRMS solutions, enabling them to effectively manage a flexible benefits program within their organization. They will be equipped to handle real-world scenarios, from defining life events to enrolling participants and managing enrollment results. The course's structured modules also teach how to utilize tools like the Total Compensation Setup Wizard, which simplifies complex benefits setup tasks. Overall, this course is instrumental for HR professionals looking to optimize their organization's benefits system and ensure compliance with U.S. regulations.

Learners will come away with a solid foundation in Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits, prepared to enhance their organization's employee benefits experience and streamline benefits administration processes.

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Course Prerequisites

To successfully undertake the R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals course, participants should ideally have the following prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of HR management practices and terminology.
  • Familiarity with the fundamental concepts of Oracle HRMS (Human Resource Management System).
  • Experience with Oracle E-Business Suite navigation and general use.
  • Knowledge of benefits setup and administration in a business or HR context.
  • Prior exposure to Oracle HRMS Benefits Administration would be beneficial but not mandatory.
  • Ability to comprehend and manage business data and processes related to human resources and benefits provision.

Please note that while these prerequisites are aimed to ensure participants can fully engage with and benefit from the course, motivated individuals with a strong desire to learn and a commitment to engaging with the material may also succeed. Our instructors are skilled at catering to a range of experience levels and will strive to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience for all participants.

Target Audience for R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals

The R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals course is designed for professionals managing employee benefits within Oracle systems.

  • HRIS Analysts
  • Benefits Administrators
  • HR Managers and Directors
  • Payroll Managers
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Oracle HRMS Users
  • HR Operations Managers
  • IT Professionals supporting HR systems
  • Project Managers overseeing HRMS upgrades or implementation
  • ERP Specialists
  • Human Capital Management Consultants
  • Compensation and Benefits Strategists
  • Business Analysts with a focus on HR technology
  • Systems Integrators with a specialization in HRMS solutions

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes: In the R12.x Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits Fundamentals course, participants will learn to navigate and implement the complex features of Oracle's Advanced Benefits system, focusing on life events, benefits enrollment, and compliance with U.S. regulations.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the key components of an Advanced Benefits implementation, including life events, enrollment requirements, and benefits communication.
  • Define and manage life events, collapsing life events, and link these to compensation objects for automated benefits adjustments.
  • Establish program and plan enrollment requirements to guide participants through the benefits selection process.
  • Set up dependent and beneficiary designations, ensuring coverage eligibility profiles are correctly configured.
  • Calculate activity rates and coverage, including variable rate profiles, coverage calculations, and standard contributions.
  • Configure flex credits and benefits pools to offer flexible benefits options to employees.
  • Develop and manage benefits communications for effective information dissemination to participants.
  • Implement online benefits services using the Benefits Service Center for streamlined participant interactions.
  • Comply with U.S. benefits regulations by setting up COBRA programs, generating HIPAA certificates, and managing imputed income plans.
  • Conduct benefits enrollment processes, including running participation processes, enrolling participants, and reviewing enrollment results, using the Total Compensation Setup Wizard for efficient setup.