R12.x Oracle HRMS Work Structures Fundamentals Course Overview

Oracle HRMS empowers you to make the work structure segments to speak to your endeavor. As a best practice in arranging your work structures, you can utilize Oracle HRMS Configuration Workbench.

This course empowers you to characterize the basic information that your venture requires, for example, the one of a kind structures for employment, position, and different business substances. You figure out how to speak to the distinctive plans of action of an undertaking, characterize business gatherings, associations, and association chains of command. The subjects in this course tell you the best way to synchronize the budgetary detailing structures with the HR revealing structures for spending arranging and investigation. You will likewise have the option to characterize government-revealing structures like detailing classifications and task statuses to fulfill the necessities for government reports.

Audience :

  • Administrator
  • End User
  • Implementer


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Your will learn:

Module 1: Overview of Enterprise Work Structures
  • Explaining the Oracle HRMS information model
  • Indicating the typical types of enterprise
  • Providing an overview of work structures
  • Explaining how to represent the employer using work structures
  • Explaining business groups and emphasize that they represent legislations in Oracle HRMS
  • Discussing locations, organizations, jobs, and positions
  • Discussing grades, people groups, unions, and representative groups
  • Defining Key Flexfields
  • Explaining key flexfields in Oracle HRMS
  • Identifying the standard features of key flexfields
  • Discussing the points to consider while creating key flexfields
  • Representing your enterprise
  • Discussing the business group and the option of having single and multiple business groups
  • Sharing information across business groups
  • Recording standard information for a business group
  • Providing an overview of locations
  • Defining and deleting locations
  • Explaining organizations within a business group
  • Creating, classifying, and deleting organizations
  • Entering additional information for organizations
  • Identifying organization manager
  • Creating organization hierarchies
  • Providing an overview of representing financial reporting structures
  • Recording costing information
  • Discussing parallel reporting structures (HR and GL) and integration of these parallel reporting structures
  • Automatically create HR organizations based on GL Account Combinations
  • Discussing the reporting requirements
  • Preparing for Government–Mandated HR Reporting
  • Explaining using jobs and positions
  • Describing job structures, jobs, and job groups
  • Discussing additional information for jobs and supplementary roles
  • Describing position structures, positions, position control, and position transactions
  • Discussing additional information for positions
  • Changing job and position definitions
  • Defining and changing position hierarchies
  • Reorganizing and mass moving positions, assignments, and organizations
  • Benefits of using Checklists
  • How Checklists work
  • About Checklist-task performers
  • Setting up Checklists
  • Providing an overview of workers compensation in Oracle HRMS
  • Discussing work classification codes and rates
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

You will learn how To :

  • Identify the work structure parts and their use
  • Represent the monetary and government detailing structures in your endeavor
  • Represent your undertaking
  • Define the one of a kind structure for employments, positions, and grades


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