Hands on QTP Certification Training Course Overview

QTP or QuickTest Professional is an object based functional testing tool which provides regression automation for application software environments. It is one of the most popular tools used in the market for test automation. Therefore, QTP experts are in great demand in the software industry.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Automation Basics
  • What is Manual testing
  • Limitation of manual testing
  • What is automation testing
  • When to implement automation testing
  • Benefit of automation testing
  • When not to use automation testing
Module 2: QTP Fundamentals
  • Introduction to QTP
  • Architecture of QTP
  • Environment supported by QTP
  • Installation of QTP
  • Installing seat or con-current license in QTP
  • Installing Add-ins
  • Running simple record and run
Module 3: Fundamentals of Vbscript
  • Why VB in QTP
  • Vbscript variables and constants
  • Vbscript arrays
  • Writing functions and subroutines
  • Writing conditional statements
  • Writing loop statements
  • Vbscript classes
  • Writing and executing simple VBscript in QTP
Module 4: Basics of QTP
  • Creating a test
  • Expert and keyword view
  • Recording and running a test
  • Recording modes
  • Record and run settings
  • Active screen, checkpoints and object description
  • Saving a test
  • Opening existing test
Module 5: Objects and object repository
  • Objects in QTP
  • Types of Objects
  • Object spy
  • Object repository
  • Local and Shared object repository
  • Object Identification in QTP
  • Adding and removing objects manually in object repository
  • Storing object repository on hard disk
Module 6: Synchronization
  • What is synchronization
  • Methods to configure synchronization
  • Test setting method
  • Wait method
  • WaitProperty method
  • Exist method
  • Sync method
Module 7: Checkpoints
  • What is checkpoint
  • Standard checkpoint
  • Text checkpoint
  • Text area checkpoint
  • Bitmap checkpoint
  • Accessibility checkpoint
Module 8: values
  • What is output value
  • Standard output value
  • Text output value
  • Text area output value
Module 9: Datatable/parameterization
  • what is data table
  • Global data table
  • Local data table
  • Data driven scenario automation
  • Import/export excel into datatable
Module 10: Descriptive programming
  • What is descriptive programming
  • When to use descriptive programming
  • How does QTP extracts objects
  • Extracting all the objects and printing properties of objects
  • Extracting all links of page and printing their names
  • Extracting links and clicking them one by one
  • Extracting specific objects
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Idea about Fuctional testing. Basic language skills.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • efficiently Create/Record scripts for functional test automation using QTP
  • gain understanding of test frameworks applied to automation projects
  • Fundamentals of Automation
  • Objects and Object Repository in QTP
  • Synchronization
  • Checkpoints
  • Output Values
  • Parameterization / Data Table
  • Descriptive Programming

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