Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell Certification Training course - 10961C

Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Certification Training Course Overview

With enterprises looking to stay productive and run their processes 24/7, it can only be achieved through proper automation of tasks. Through automation, businesses can stay lean and avoid costly human errors. Automating Administration with Windows Powershell training helps individuals and enterprises to gain a thorough understanding of using Windows PowerShell to automate various types of activities on Windows servers. Check out the dates below to enroll for this Microsoft (10961-C) course today.

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Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell Certification Training course - 10961C (Duration : 40 Hours) Download Course Contents

Live Virtual Classroom
Group Training 1850
18 - 22 Oct 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

14 - 25 Nov GTR 05:00 PM - 09:00 PM CST
(4 Hours/Day)

06 - 10 Dec 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

1-on-1 Training (GTR) 2100
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
12 PM

GTR=Guaranteed to Run
Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : On Request
Fee : On Request
On Request
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Course Modules

Module 1: Getting started with Windows PowerShell
  • Overview and background of Windows PowerShell
  • Understanding command syntax
  • Finding commands
  • Lab : Configuring Windows PowerShell
  • Configuring the Windows PowerShell console
  • Configuring the Windows PowerShell ISE application
  • Lab : Finding and running basic commands
  • Finding commands
  • Running commands
  • Using the About files
Module 2: Cmdlets for administration
  • Active Directory administration cmdlets
  • Network configuration cmdlets
  • Other server administration cmdlets
  • Lab : Windows Administration
  • Creating and managing Active Directory objects
  • Configuring network settings on Windows Server
  • Creating a web site
Module 3: Working with the Windows PowerShell pipeline
  • Understanding the pipeline
  • Selecting, sorting, and measuring objects
  • Filtering objects out of the pipeline
  • Enumerating objects in the pipeline
  • Sending pipeline data as output
  • Lab : Using the pipeline
  • Selecting, sorting, and displaying data
  • Lab : Filtering objects
  • Filtering objects
  • Lab : Enumerating objects
  • Enumerating objects
  • Lab : Sending output to a file
  • Exporting user information to a file
Module 4: Understanding how the pipeline works
  • Passing the pipeline data
  • Advanced considerations for pipeline data
  • Lab : Working with pipeline parameter binding
  • Predicting pipeline behaviour
Module 5: Using PSProviders and PSDrives
  • Using PSProviders
  • Using PSDrives
  • Lab : Using PSProviders and PSDrives
  • Creating files and folders on a remote computer
  • Creating a registry key for your future scripts
  • Create a new Active Directory group
Module 6: Querying system information by using WMI and CIM
  • Understanding WMI and CIM
  • Querying data by using WMI and CIM
  • Making changes with WMI/CIM
  • Lab : Working with WMI and CIM
  • Querying information by using WMI
  • Querying information by using CIM
  • Invoking methods
Module 7: Working with variables, arrays, and hash tables
  • Using variables.
  • Manipulating variables.
  • Manipulating arrays and hash tables.
  • Lab : Working with variables
  • Working with variable types
  • Using arrays
  • Using hash tables
Module 8: Basic scripting
  • Introduction to scripting
  • Scripting constructs
  • Importing data from files
  • Lab : Basic scripting
  • Setting a script
  • Processing an array with a ForEach loop
  • Processing items by using If statements
  • Creating a random password
  • Creating users based on a CSV file
Module 9: Advanced scripting
  • Accepting user input
  • Overview of script documentation
  • Troubleshooting and error handling
  • Functions and modules
  • Lab : Accepting data from users
  • Querying disk information from remote computers
  • Updating the script to use alternate credentials
  • Documenting a script
  • Lab : Implementing functions and modules
  • Creating a logging function
  • Adding error handling to a script
  • Converting a function to a module
Module 10: Administering Remote Computers
  • Using basic Windows PowerShell remoting
  • Using advanced Windows PowerShell remoting techniques
  • Using PSSessions
  • Lab : Using basic remoting
  • Enabling remoting on the local computer
  • Performing one-to-one remoting
  • Performing one-to-many remoting
  • Lab : Using PSSessions
  • Using implicit remoting
  • Managing multiple computers
Module 11: Using background jobs and scheduled jobs
  • Using background jobs
  • Using scheduled jobs
  • Lab : Using background jobs and scheduled jobs
  • Starting and managing jobs
  • Creating a scheduled job
Module 12: Using advanced Windows PowerShell techniques
  • Creating profile scripts
  • Using advanced techniques
  • Lab : Practicing advanced techniques
  • Creating a profile script
  • Verifying the validity of an IP address
  • Reporting disk information
  • Configuring NTFS permissions
  • Creating user accounts with passwords from a CSV file
  • Lab : Practicing script development (optional)
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Course Prerequisites
  • Experience with Windows networking technologies and implementation.
  • Experience with Windows Server administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Experience with Windows Client administration, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Students who attend this training can meet the prerequisites by obtaining equivalent knowledge and skills through practical experience as a Windows system administrator. No prerequisite courses are required.


Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell (10961-C) Training Course

This Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell certification course is a 5-day instructor-led training that will be delivered by an expert Microsoft instructor with practical hands-on exercises. Participants taking part in this Microsoft 10961-C will gain a clear understanding of identifying and building the command they require to perform automation for repetitive tasks and to generate reports. Having knowledge of Windows Server will go a long way in establishing a proper understanding of this Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell certification course.
Participants can take up this 5-day Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell training in two different time slots of 8 hours/day on the weekends and 4 hours/ day on the weekdays. The Microsoft 10961-C course will also have hands-on practical exercises on the Windows PowerShell platform that involves gaining skills across a wide range of Microsoft products that include Exchange Server, Windows Server, System Center, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and more. This course helps candidates to prepare for their Microsoft 10961-C certification exam. The exam cost is USD 165 and can be taken at the nearest Pearson Vue test center.

Key Features of Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Certification Training

  • Instructor-led Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Certification Training
  • Get access to a Microsoft 10961-C course preview to begin your preparation
  • Expert Microsoft Windows PowerShell instructors across the globe with real-world expertise
  • Accredited course material and Exercises prepared by SMEs
  • Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Training resources provided to learners from Microsoft and Koenig Solutions
  • Microsoft 10961-C course completion certificate provided after the training
  • Learners can take up Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell training in 4 different learning modes 
  • Microsoft 10961-C training provided across 100+ locations globally

Who can take up Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Certification Training?

Job roles that can find Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell training beneficial include:
  • Software Developers
  • SharePoint Professionals
  • Windows Server Professionals
  • Exchange Server Professionals
  • Database Administrators
  • Windows Client Administrators
  • Windows PowerShell Users
  • Microsoft / Independent Software Vendors
  • Automation Professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to clear their Microsoft 10961-C certification exam

Skills Measured for AI-900 Training / Exam Weightage

  1. Describing AI workloads and considerations (15-20%)
  2. Describing basic principles of machine learning on Azure platform (30-35%)
  3. Describing the features of computer vision workloads on Azure (15-20%)
  4. Describing features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure (15-20%)
  5. Describing the features of conversational AI workloads on Azure (15-20%)

Salary Prospects of Automation Specialists with Windows PowerShell Credential Course

As Automation is gaining a lot of momentum in organizations across the globe, it is imperative to stay ahead of the competition by identifying ways to automate repetitive processes be more productive and provide services that are devoid of human errors. With less margin for errors, businesses are jumping the Automation bandwagon, and Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell certification course is ideal for professionals to gain a complete understanding of how Automation works across Microsoft products. With increase in demand for Automation professionals, let’s check out the salaries of certified Automation professionals on Windows PowerShell worldwide.

United States

USD 74,000 to USD 118,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 40,000 to 65,000


Rupees 6 lakhs to 19 lakhs 


AUD 79,000 to 117,000 


AED 180,000 to 340,000


SGD 60,000 to 120,000


Job Prospects for Certified Automation Windows PowerShell Professionals

Automation has made its way into our lives in a drastic way, where some of the key repetitive processes have been performed by a machine. Soon, rudimentary tasks will be performed by AI-based automotive tools that helps speed up processes. Professionals with key automation skills are in great demand across industry sectors, and Microsoft 10961-C credential is one of the most sought-after in the job market. Top companies that are looking to hire certified Automation Windows PowerShell professionals include Neovera, EPIC, Intel, Flywire, Getty Images, GoDaddy, Proctor & Gamble, CDW, Grainger, Altair Engineering, Byte Systems, Pearson, and more.

Student Feedback  (Check Koenig Feedback on Trustpilot)

Q1 Say something about the Trainer? Q2 How is Koenig different from other training Companies? Q3 Will you come back to Koenig for training ?

Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Sandeep Sheokand India Feb-2021 A1. Overall training sessions were informative, interactive, and exciting. On day 0, I was struggling with even basis PS cmdlets. Now feel quite confident and now I can understand the existing script's logic and inside concept. Every time, when I have a query, got an answered with an example. Ashok Kumar Pandey is a hardworking trainer and has a lot of tolerance while listening to student queries and explained things over and over until doubt got cleared.
Balaji Ranganathan India Apr-2020 A1. Praveen is very knowledgeable, and he was able to explain the content very well. He was able to cover all modules in the training well in advance than the scheduled time, and hence it enabled us to practice more and gave space to ask questions as we practice. Also, he was able to answer all our questions both inside the course and out-of-box questions too. We are very happy with the overall training provided and will be happy to recommend Koenig to our colleagues in the Future ??.
Subba Rao India Feb-2020 A1. A unique way of teaching! Going through with books but important is how he teaches other things which are not mentioned in the notes. Like the way he teaches, confident guy, love to take more training from him.


Yes, in today’s enterprises where widespread automation processes are being adopted, it is critical for the workforce to gain a fundamental understanding of Automating various repetitive tasks to avoid errors and improve productivity. In this regard, Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell training is ideal for professionals that help to learn scripting basics, manage Windows servers, and automate administration tasks. There is a high demand for certified Automation professionals. Professionals with Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Certification credentials earn anywhere in the range of USD 74,000 to USD 118,000 per annum in the US.
To become an Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell certified professional, candidates have to:
  • First, select a schedule for the Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell course and the delivery mode
  • Enrol for the Microsoft 10961-C certification course
  • Attend the 5-day instructor-led training from Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Take up mock tests on the Qubits platform to familiarize with the exam format
  • Clear your Microsoft 10961-C certification exam on your first attempt
Participants taking part in the Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell course will learn about:
  • Describing Windows PowerShell functionalities and use them to run basic commands
  • Working with the Windows PowerShell pipeline
  • Describing the techniques Windows PowerShell pipeline uses
  • Understanding how to use PSProviders and PSDrives to work with other forms of storage
  • Working with variables, arrays, and hash tables
  • Writing basic  and advanced scripts in Windows PowerShell
  • Administering remote computers
  • Knowledge of using advanced Windows PowerShell techniques
Professionals who are certified in Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell will earn somewhere between USD 74,000 to USD 118,000 per annum.
The cost for the Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Certification is USD 165, and it can be taken at any Pearson Vue test center either in person or through the web proctored mode.
Yes, Koenig Solutions is an accredited Microsoft Gold Partner to deliver Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell certification training to both individuals and enterprises worldwide across industry sectors in various learning modes.
As part of your certification training, you will receive:
  • A copy of the Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell course material prepared by SMEs
  • Key 10961-C resources from both Microsoft and Koenig Solutions
  • Access to practical lab sessions and exercises developed by the trainer
  • Course Completion Certificate