Power BI Report Server Course Overview

Power BI Report Server Course Overview

Power BI Report Server certification is a professional acknowledgment earned after mastering the tool, Power BI Report Server. The server is Microsoft's on-premises solution for data analytics and visualization, enabling users to build reports and dashboards dynamically. Industries use it to leverage local SQL Server Analysis Services and provide integrated solutions for self-service and enterprise reporting. Having the certification denotes expertise in creating, publishing, and managing reports, along with addressing security and administration concerns efficiently. A thorough understanding of this tool can greatly benefit industries by simplifying data extrapolation and interpretation, hence aiding in informed decision-making.

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Course Prerequisites

There are no strict prerequisites for Power BI Report Server training, as it can be tailored to various levels of experience. However, it would be helpful for participants to have a basic understanding of the following concepts before attending the training:
1. Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel: Knowing how to work with Excel can be helpful, as Power BI has a similar interface and uses common functions and tools.
2. Understanding of basic data concepts: Familiarity with different types of data sources, databases, and file formats would be beneficial.
3. Knowledge of basic data analysis: A basic understanding of data manipulation, such as sorting, filtering, and aggregation, would be an advantage.
4. Familiarity with basic data visualization: Knowing how to create simple charts and graphs to represent data is useful for understanding Power BI's visualization capabilities.
5. Familiarity with SQL (not mandatory, but helpful): Although not a requirement, having some knowledge of SQL can be beneficial when working with Power BI, as it provides more options for querying data and creating custom calculations.
In summary, having prior knowledge and experience in working with data, spreadsheets, and visualization tools would be beneficial for participants in a Power BI Report Server training. However, Power BI training courses are generally designed to cater to a range of skill levels and can be adapted to meet the needs of the participants.

Power BI Report Server Certification Training Overview

Power BI Report Server certification training is a specialized course aimed at developing expertise in creating, deploying, and managing interactive reports using Power BI Report Server. The key topics covered in the course include installation and configuration of the server, data modeling and visualization, creating paginated reports, securing and sharing reports, and monitoring usage. This comprehensive training empowers individuals with the necessary skills to efficiently use Power BI Report Server to develop tailored data-driven insights and effectively share those insights across the organization.

Why should you learn Power BI Report Server?

Power BI Report Server course offers profound knowledge in data visualization and reporting, enabling learners to make data-driven decisions. By mastering this skill, students can create insightful dashboards, automate report generation, and boost their career prospects in the field of data analytics and business intelligence.

Target Audience for Power BI Report Server Certification Training

• IT professionals managing Power BI services.
• Data analysts working on business intelligence projects.
• Business professionals seeking to improve data-driven decisions.
• Database administrators seeking advanced data analytics skills.
• Fresh graduates aiming for a career in data analysis.
• BI Report developers.
• Microsoft Power BI users.

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Power BI Report Server Skills Measured

After completing Power BI Report Server certification training, an individual can gain skills such as creating and managing Power BI reports, paginated reports, KPIs, data models and mobile reports. They will also learn how to configure and maintain the Power BI Report Server, use Power BI desktop, direct data access, and implement security standards. Other skills include understanding of data visualization best practices, ability to connect to multiple data sources, and adeptness in creating interactive dashboards.

Top Companies Hiring Power BI Report Server Certified Professionals

Top companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro are actively hiring Power BI Report Server certified professionals. These companies need experts who can analyze data and provide valuable insights that help in making strategic decisions.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Power BI Report Server Course?

The learning objectives of the Power BI Report Server course are designed to equip learners with the skills to design, implement and maintain a Power BI Report Server, an on-premises report delivering and data visualizing solution. Participants should, by the end of the course, be proficient in creating and publishing Power BI reports, utilizing data visualization tools, and providing secure and effective data access. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of managing and maintaining a report server, including knowledge of security settings and performance tuning. The course is intended to enhance the abilities of learners to convert raw data into meaningful insights facilitating informed business decisions.