Perl 5 Course Overview

Perl 5 Course Overview

The Perl 5 certification is a professional credential that validates an individual's expertise in Perl 5, a high-level and widely-used programming language. It demonstrates that the owner has extensive knowledge and practical skills in using Perl 5 to solve complex problems, including network programming, system administration, and web development. The certification is well-regarded within the IT industry, with employers often preferring or even requiring job applicants to hold it. By having their workforce Perl 5 certified, industries can ensure the competence of their employees in Perl, increasing efficiency and productivity. Certification is typically achieved through an examination process.

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

- Basic understanding of computer programming
- Familiarity with scripting languages
- Knowledge of Operating System concepts
- Proficiency in using text editor software
- Awareness of database fundamentals
- Prior experience with another high-level language like C, Java, Python, etc.

Perl 5 Certification Training Overview

Perl 5 certification training provides comprehensive knowledge to the learners about Perl 5, a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted scripting language. Topics covered in the course include understanding Perl syntax, variables, and operators along with Perl strings and arrays, functions, modules, file I/O, and regular expressions. Learners will also be trained on how to debug Perl applications and manage database interactions. Successful completion of the course helps individuals enhance their skill set and validate their proficiency in Perl 5 programming.

Why Should You Learn Perl 5?

Learning Perl 5 course in stats provides an understanding of powerful scripting language, aids in automation of tasks and complex data analysis. It enhances problem-solving skills via regular expressions and file handling. This course makes data extraction, manipulation and reporting easier, thus benefitting statisticians, data analysts and researchers.

Target Audience for Perl 5 Certification Training

- Beginners interested in coding and programming languages.
- Intermediate programmers looking to expand their skill set.
- IT professionals seeking to increase their expertise.
- Computer Science students requiring the knowledge of Perl 5 for curriculum.
- Corporate teams looking to enhance their technical abilities.
- Developers aiming to improve on script-writing and improving website functionality.
- Tech enthusiasts desiring to learn an additional programming language.
- Individuals aspiring for a career in software development or web design.

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• Certified Instructors: Get trained by dedicated, experienced professionals.
• Boost Your Career: Enhance your potential with improved skills in Perl 5.
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• Destination Training: Avail training at a location that suits you.
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• Top Training Institute: Benefit from world-class facilities and methodologies.
• Flexible Dates: Schedule your training programs as per your convenience.
• Instructor-Led Online Training: Interactive, real-time instruction through the internet.
• Wide Range of Courses: Choose from an extensive variety of courses.
• Accredited Training: Gain recognized qualifications from an accredited institution.

Perl 5 Skills Measured

Upon completion of Perl 5 certification training, an individual acquires advanced skills in Perl, including the ability to create Perl scripts, manage databases, manipulate text files, and automate tasks. They also learn to use complex Perl data types effectively, work with regular expressions and modules, utilize portable script writing, perform system administration, and perform web scripting tasks. Understanding object-oriented Perl programming also becomes easier. The individual would additionally be familiar with Perl applications, problem solving, and debugging.

Top Companies Hiring Perl 5 Certified Professionals

Companies like Amazon, Broadcom, CACI International, and Oracle are among the top businesses that actively hire Perl 5 certified professionals. These companies require Perl 5 experts for various purposes including software development, network management, system administration, and business intelligence systems.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Perl 5 Course?

The primary objective of the Perl 5 course is to equip students with a deep understanding of this high-level, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Students will be introduced to the syntax and features of Perl 5, learning to write, debug, and modify Perl scripts with efficiency and precision. The course aims to delve into advanced concepts such as data types, operators, control flow, modules, packages, and object-oriented Perl. It further aspires to empower students to confidently utilize Perl for text processing, system administration, network programming, and other tasks. Additionally, students will also learn to effectively use CPAN, the Perl module ecosystem.