Oracle/PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3

PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3 Certification Training Course Overview

Enroll for the 5-days PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3 training and certification course from Koenig solutions accredited by Oracle.

This PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 training provides step-by-step instruction for implementing, using and maintaining the fundamentals of PS/nVision for General Ledger 9.2. You'll learn how to structure your organization for reporting efficiency using business units, ledgers, trees and ChartField management from the ground up.

Target Audience

This course is designed for:

  • End User
  • Developer
  • Implementer
  • Manager
  • Systems Administrator

 Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Design PS/nVision Reports
  • Create and Process Financial Statements
  • Create Matrix Layouts from Various Tables
  • Use DrillDown and nPlosion for Detail Reporting and Analysis
  • Run PS/nVision Reports from the Web
  • Create Tabular Layouts and Run Transaction Reports
  • Use Summary Ledgers for Reporting
  • Use Scopes and Scope Variables
  • Personalize PS/nVision

PeopleSoft PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.2 Ed 3 (40 Hours) Download Course Contents

Live Virtual Classroom Fee On Request
Group Training
22 - 26 Nov GTR 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

06 - 10 Dec 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
(8 Hours/Day)

1-on-1 Training (GTR)
4 Hours
8 Hours
Week Days

Start Time : At any time

12 AM
12 PM

GTR=Guaranteed to Run
Classroom Training (Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : On Request
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Course Modules

Module 1: Course and Technology Overview
  • Objectives
  • Agenda
  • Describing PS/nVision
  • Describing PeopleSoft Reporting Tools
Module 2: Planning to Implement PS/nVision
  • Describing the Ledger table
  • Describing TimeSpans
  • Describing PeopleSoft Trees
Module 3: Developing PS/nVision Reports
  • Describing PS/nVision Components
  • Describing PS/nVision Report Creation Steps
  • Planning the PS/nVision Layout
  • Building the PS/nVision Layout
  • Defining and Running Report Requests
Module 4: Building PS/nVision Reports with Variables and Labels
  • Setting Up PS/nVision Variables
  • Combining Text with PS/nVision Variables
  • Using the Text Function
  • Using Variables on the Report Request
  • Setting Up Date and Time Stamps
  • Setting Up Report Labels
Module 5: Using nPlosion
  • Defining nPlosion
  • Copying Formulas
  • Using nPlosion Features
  • Using the nPlosion Variable
  • Setting Up Advanced nPlosion Options
Module 6: Using Scopes and Scope Variables
  • Defining Scopes
  • Setting Up Scope Variables
  • Combine PS/nVision Scope Variables
  • Defining the Scope Descriptive Field (DES) Variable
  • Using Scopes with Multiple Fields
Module 7: Implementing Summary Ledgers
  • Analyzing Summary Ledger Requirements
  • Setting Up Summary Ledgers
  • Running Summary Ledgers
  • Describing Detail Versus Summary Ledger Reporting
  • Defining Summary Trees
  • Defining Summary Trees
  • Translating Summary Ledgers to Detail
Module 8: Using DrillDown
  • Define DrillDown Options
  • Using DrillDown
Module 9: Using Query Criteria in Matrix Layouts
  • Setting Up Query Criteria in a Matrix Layout
  • Using AutoDrill
Module 10: Using Query Criteria in Tabular Layouts
  • Defining Queries for Tabular Layouts
  • Creating Tabular Layouts
  • Combining Tabular and Matrix Layouts
Module 11: Using PS/nVision on the Web
  • Defining and Running Report Requests on the Web
  • Using DrillDown on the Web
  • Defining Scopes on the Web
  • Defining Report Books on the Web
Module 12: Personalizing PS/nVision
  • Using the Nvsuser Home Page
  • Personalizing the Nvsuser Buttons
  • Setting Report Preferences
  • Personalizing the Drill Menu and Toolbar
  • Personalizing Style Sheets
Module 13: Final Course Activities and Course Review
  • Describing PS/nVision
  • Panning PS/nVision Reports
  • Developing and Building PS/nVision Reports
  • Running Multiple PS/nVision Reports
  • Personalizing PS/nVision Nvsuser
Module 14: Appendices
  • PS/nVision Variables and Labels Quick Reference Guide
  • PS/nVision Reference Material
  • Excel Pivot Tables
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Course Prerequisites
  • Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts.
  • Use of control tables to enforce business rules
  • Able to run processes and reports