Pega : Robotic System Architect Course Overview

Pega : Robotic System Architect Course Overview

The Pega Robotic System Architect certification is a globally recognized accreditation that validates a professional's ability to design and develop Pega Robotic Automation. Individuals with this certification demonstrate a thorough understanding of Pega's robotics capabilities, including the configuration of robotic automation (RPA) solutions and the deployment of RPA to augment workforce capabilities. Industries utilize Pega-certified professionals to ensure efficient business operations, by accelerating and streamlining tasks, enhancing accuracy, and reducing costs. The certification ensures that professionals can effectively leverage Pega's technology, aligning it with business requirements and strategies, and promoting operational efficiency and innovation. It’s essentially about designing advanced robotics solutions that empower businesses to excel.

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Course Prerequisites

• A basic understanding of Pega's interface and features.
• Prior experience with Business Process Management tools.
• Knowledge of .NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript.
• Familiarity with Robotic Process Automation concepts.
• A history of working with application development and Agile methodologies.
• Previous completion of Pega System Architect Essentials.

Pega : Robotic System Architect Certification Training Overview

Pega Robotic System Architect Certification training is designed for professionals to acquire expertise in automating applications with Pega Robotic Studio. The course covers a range of topics including understanding the robotics user interface, creating automation with data types and variables, conditional processing, understanding debugging and exception handling, creating robotic activities and automations, deploying and configuring robotic solution, interacting with web applications and optimizing solution. This certification helps individuals develop proficiency in designing and building Pega robotic automation solutions.

Why Should You Learn Pega : Robotic System Architect?

The Pega Robotic System Architect course offers invaluable insights into automation and business processes. It greatly enhances employability, with a promising career track in the current tech-driven business ecosystem. Furthermore, proficiency in Pega robotics can boost potential earnings as demand for these skills is high and supply is comparatively low.

Target Audience for Pega : Robotic System Architect Certification Training

• Existing software architects looking to expand their skills
• IT professionals interested in robotics process automation (RPA)
• System administrators seeking to embrace automation technologies
• Individuals aiming for a career in robotics system architecture
• Tech enthusiasts interested in Pega robotic architecture tools

Why Choose Koenig for Pega : Robotic System Architect Certification Training?

• Certified instructors with comprehensive knowledge in Pega Robotic System Architect training
• Customized training programs tailored to individual's specific needs
• Affordable pricing options for a high-quality education
• Flexible date options to accommodate busy schedules
• Instructor-led online training makes learning convenient
• Wide-range of accredited courses to select from
• Status as a top training institute ensures quality education
• Unique option for destination training for a unique learning experience
• Provides a significant career boost, enhancing job opportunities in the field
• Accredited training that is recognized globally and by major organizations.

Pega : Robotic System Architect Skills Measured

After completing Pega's Robotic System Architect certification training, an individual acquires skills in designing and deploying Pega Robotic Automation. They become proficient in Solution Design, Process Flow, Project Development, UI automation, Debugging and more. The training also equips them with the knowledge of how to configure applications effectively. They gain expertise in integrating and implementing robotic solutions within a Pega platform and can manage end-to-end application development cycle using Pega Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) solutions.

Top Companies Hiring Pega : Robotic System Architect Certified Professionals

Top companies such as Accenture, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, Capgemini, DXC Technology, Virtusa, Pegasystems Inc., and Wipro are actively hiring Pega Robotic System Architect certified professionals. These firms utilize Pega systems in business process management and CRM solutions, demanding experts for improved operational efficiency.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Pega : Robotic System Architect Course?

The primary learning objectives of the Pega: Robotic System Architect course include understanding the fundamental principles and features of Pega Robotics Automation Studio. Through the course, participants aim to gain knowledge on configuring robotic automation in their Pega applications to automate work, improving application efficiency and customer experience. This course is structured to assist one in mastering the concepts of Pega Robotics covering areas like solution considerations, debugging solutions, and integrating scripts. By the end of the course, learners should be adept at developing robotic automations using Pega Robotics Studio and be equipped to implement Pega Robotic Automation into a variety of business models.