Oracle R Enterprise Essentials Ed 1 Certification Training Course Overview

This Oracle R Enterprise Essentials preparing will show you how to use the Oracle Database as an elite registering stage from the amazing R factual programming language and condition. Beat the memory constraints of the open source customer R motor. Get ready information, perform factual investigation, and construct prescient models on Big Data informational indexes that are commonly outlandish with open source R. Produce illustrations and summon R contents from SQL for incorporation with the Oracle stack!


Oracle R Enterprise Essentials Ed 1 (16 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introducing Oracle R Enterprise
  • Using R: What, Who, and Why?
  • R User Interfaces
  • Oracle’s Strategy for R
Module 2: Getting Started with ORE
  • Prerequisites for Using ORE
  • Starting R and Loading ORE
  • Basic Database Interaction with ORE
Module 3: Introducing the R Language and Environment
  • Accessing R Help
  • R language basics
  • Debugging with R
Module 4: Producing Graphs in R and ORE
  • R Graph Types
  • R Graphics Packages
  • Overloaded Functions for ORE
Module 5: Using the ORE Transparency Layer - Part 1
  • Introducing the Transparency Layer
  • Working with Oracle Database
  • ORE Packages, Classes, and Functions
  • Common Data Transformations and Data Type Mapping
Module 6: Using the ORE Transparency Layer - Part 2
  • Object Persistence
  • Ordering Framework
  • In-database Sampling and Random Partitioning
  • Case Study Examination
Module 7: ORE Embedded R Execution - R Interface
  • Rationale for Embedded R Execution
  • Embedded R Execution
  • Connecting to Databases from an Embedded R Function
  • Generating Graphs within an Embedded R Function
Module 8: ORE Embedded R Execution - SQL Interface
  • Embedded R Execution
  • Using R Scripts in the Database Repository
  • Generating Output Using rq*Eval Functions
  • Parallel Execution for Embedded R Scripts
Module 9: Using ORE Predictive Analytics - Part 1
  • Using Functions in the OREdm Package
  • Using Functions in the OREmodels Package
Module 10: Using ORE Predictive Analytics - Part 2
  • Scoring data within R models in the database
  • Preparing Time Series Data
  • Exponential Smoothing for Time Series Data Predictions
Module 11: Using ROracle for Direct Database Access
  • What is ROracle?
  • Authentication
  • Table Access Methods
  • Query Execution
  • Rollback
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Course Prerequisites

Proposed Prerequisite :

  • Oracle Database 11g: Data Mining Techniques Ed 1

Required Prerequisite :

  • Experience with measurements or R programming experience
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Scientist


You will learn how to :

  • Start up R, load ORE, and associate with Oracle Database.
  • Use basic builds of the R language.
  • Use the ORE Transparency Layer.
  • Use ORE for installed R execution.
  • Use ORE prescient investigation bundles.
  • Use ROracle.



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