Primavera P6 Professional Courses and Certification Training


Primavera is portfolio management and project program software used to create, design, control and execute project work. Its objective is to manage projects in various industries such as construction, energy, IT, and manufacturing. Primavera helps organizations to manage any type of portfolio. Professionals who have good knowledge of project management skills and techniques can use Primavera to promote productivity in organizations. 

To master your skills and techniques, one can take up Primavera certification training courses. These primavera courses demonstrate the applications of software in project management and help candidates to enhance their skills to manage projects using Primavera.

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Popular Primavera Certification Training Courses

Primavera certification training courses help participants to learn scheduling, planning, and controlling small to large-scale projects, minimizing risks, driving down costs, selecting the right strategic mix of projects, and stabilizing resource capacity. Learn Primavera certification training courses with industry experts who will teach you the syllabus of Primavera in-depth and allow you to learn how to develop, design, and modify project schedules. 

Candidates will get familiar with Primavera from basics to advance. Upon completion of the Primavera training program, candidates will be able to carry out all necessary project management tasks and can take up Primavera certification. It will be helpful for learners in controlling, designing, and reporting complex projects. 

We at Koenig Solutions offer various popular Primavera courses to teach the participants the fundamentals and concepts of Primavera. During Primavera certification training, you will work on real-time projects and implement all project portfolio management solutions. If you are a fresher in an organization or new to Primavera here, you can gain an understanding of the core concepts of project management and its implementation by using the Primavera tool from scratch. 

After taking Primavera certification training courses, you will realize how easy Primavera is and its growing demand in the industry sector. After the successful completion of our Primavera certification training courses, you will be able to manage any kind of project professionally based on industry standards. Choose the course of your choice and boost your career towards success. 

Who can take up Primavera Certification Training?

Job roles that can take up Primavera certification training courses include, but are not just limited to:

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Project administrators
  • Program managers
  • Project team members
  • Project consultants
  • Project sponsors
  • PMO staff
  • IT professionals
  • Primavera functional consultant 
  • Primavera end users
  • Professionals who are interested to learn about the Primavera program
  • Participants who are looking to take up relevant Primavera certification exam

Primavera Certification Training Prerequisites

  • Anybody can take up Primavera certification courses to understand the tool and how it is used in managing projects and programs.
  • However, if a professional is looking to sit for a Primavera certification exam, then one has to attend and clear foundational Primavera courses to be eligible to sit for intermediate and advanced requirements

Reasons to choose Primavera Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Koenig Solutions provides popular Primavera certification courses for individuals and teams globally
  • Through these Primavera certification training courses, students and professionals will learn to use the Primavera tool to manage their business-critical projects and day-to-day activities.
  • Koenig Solutions has certified expert Primavera trainers with real-world expertise 
  • With the Primavera training program, participants will be part of an interactive training session with hands-on exercises to lab sessions to better understand to use the tool
  • Accredited Primavera certification course material that is regularly updated by the governing body and our SMEs 
  • A comprehensive portfolio of 15+ Primavera certification courses offered by Koenig Solutions. Also, they have more than 25 years of experience in delivering training services worldwide across categories 
  • The participant can choose to be part of these Primavera courses across learning modes which include online, classroom, onsite, and 1-on-1 training
  • Candidates can take part in the Primavera certification training programs on both weekends and weekdays at Koenig Solutions as 8 hours / day and 4 hours / day, respectively

Benefits of taking up Primavera Certification Training

  • Primavera professionals have various job opportunities in different sectors. One can change their career to planning engineer using the skills set they have gained during the Primavera certification training courses. Also, there is a high demand for project schedulers and project planners. So it should be a good decision to understand Primavera, which has higher growth of demanding skills in core industries and IT sectors. 
  • Get ahead in an evolving business landscape by learning the different skill sets and concepts of Primavera.
  • Learning Primavera will allow you to handle complicated projects in a professional manner.
  • Being a Primavera certified professional will help your career with a higher salary. According to, the average salary ranges from USD 98,070 per annum. 
  • Project Management is the key component of a company's success. Tools like Primavera handle the complete process of optimizing resources, tracking projects, delegating tasks, and more. Understanding and learning Primavera has various advantages for the organization you are working in. 
  • Primavera is flexible and friendly to use. Tracing multiple projects becomes easy if you know Primavera. Primavera certification training courses can benefit your career growth. 

Primavera Certification Process for Professionals

Getting Primavera certified is not so straightforward; it takes planning and thorough preparation to become one. Below are some of the key steps to be followed to become a certified Primavera professional.

  • Participants can check out the wide range of Primavera certification courses offered by Koenig Solutions on their website
  • Select the relevant Primavera certification course which is ideal according to your job role and overall experience
  • Get in touch with the training advisor from Koenig to select the dates and the mode of delivery for your Primavera training program
  • Receive Primavera training collaterals like pre-reading materials and course agenda to prepare for the training
  • Attend your Primavera certification training which is both interactive and hands-on training with exercises and labs developed by the subject matter expert
  • Co-participate with learners from across industries in your Primavera training to gain new perspective towards the tool
  • Gain new knowledge on the Primavera tool by gaining relevant credentials to get ahead in your career


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As per PayScale, the average salaries of Primavera P6 professionals range from $63,407 per year for a Project Engineer to $114,515 per year for a Project Control Manager.

Primavera is a project and program management software offered by Primavera Systems Inc. The software is specifically designed to cater to the needs of Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries. Designed to focus on Project Portfolio Management (PPM), it enables users to monitor progress, enhance team collaboration and allocate project resources.

A Primavera Scheduler:

  • Develops, manages and maintains large and complex project schedules
  • Monitors project progress and prepares progress reports
  • Creates schedules as per scheduling norms and standards
  • Identifies quality issues, gaps, risks and performance issues
  • Develops what-if scenarios and identifies schedule risks
  • Understands project scheduling fundamentals like critical path analysis and resource analysis
  • Performs time impact analysis

As per paysa, the average salary of a Primavera P6 Schedular is $96,864 per year. Looking at the same from a different perspective, according to PayScale, a Master Scheduler with Primavera P6 skills earns an average salary of $91,503 per year.

The Primavera course provides the necessary skills to use and apply Primavera software during project management and enables candidates to handle projects using Primavera. The course lets participants learn how to plan, schedule and control small and large scale projects by minimizing costs and risks.

Oracle Primavera P6 is one of the most popular and powerful project management tools. Primavera P6 is a suite of products that enables users to plan, manage and execute projects over their entire lifecycle.

Primavera P6:

  • Allows breaking complex projects into smaller and achievable tasks
  • Ensures visibility and compliance with norms and regulations
  • Helps identify and thwart risks during the execution of a project
  • Enables effective communication and collaboration between teams
  • Provides the ability to create forecasts for the requirements of the project
  • Enables resource optimization
  • Generates reports quickly and easily

Primavera software allows users or project managers to keep the project on schedule and within budget, conduct risk and opportunity analysis, monitor resource usage and manage multiple tasks across several projects and programs.