Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12c: Profile, Audit and Operate Ed 1

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12c: Profile, Audit and Operate Ed 1 Certification Training Course Overview

Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12c: Profile, Audit and Operate training course enables you how to understand, check and cleanse the quality of your data with Oracle Enterprise Data Quality. Koenig Solutions expert instructors will teach you Oracle Enterprise Data Quality's user interface and how to use its profiling tools to delve into data and quickly identify inconsistencies, missing data and other problems.
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Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12c: Profile, Audit and Operate Ed 1 (24 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1:Enterprise Data Quality Overview
  • Overview of Enterprise Data Quality and its Features
  • Overview of High-level architecture
Module 2:Director User Interface and its Key Objects
  • About Process Canvas, Tool Palette, Results Browser and Project Browser
  • Saving Results to a Results Book
  • Setting up Projects, Data Stores, Snapshots and Processes
Module 3:Profile
  • Using the Quickstats Profiler for a Fast Overview of Data
  • dentifying Trends with the Frequency Profiler
  • Examining Outliers with the Max / Min Profiler
  • Profiling Patterns
  • Assessing Record Completeness
Module 4:Audit
  • Using Audit Processors to Check Your Data
  • Understanding Flags
  • Using Audit Processors to Branch Processes
Module 5: Transform
  • Using Lookup and Return to Enrich Your Data
  • Using the Group and Merge Processor
  • Transforming Data to enable better auditing
Module 6:Writing and Exporting Data
  • Using the Writer
  • Setting up an Export
Module 7:Automated Processing: Jobs
  • Configuring and scheduling jobs
Module 8:Re-using Your Work: Publishing, Packaging and Copying
  • Publishing processors
  • Creating and importing packages
Module 9:Introduction to the Customer Data Extension Pack
  • Understanding the use of Customer Data Extension Pack
  • Installing the Customer Data Extension Pack
  • Examining a Customer Data Extension Pack Processor
Module 10:Real-Time Processing Via Web Services
  • Configuring a web service within Enterprise Data Quality
  • Creating and testing a real-time process
Module 11:Data Interfaces
  • Introducing Data Interfaces
  • Creating a data interface
  • Using a data interface in a process
Module 12:The Server Console
  • Overview of the Server Console user interface
  • Running, Scheduling and Monitoring jobs from the Server Console user interface
Module 13:Run Profiles
  • Overview of Run Profiles
  • Creating a Run Profile
  • Running a job with a Run Profile
Module 14:Sampling
  • Sampling options
Module 15: Introduction to Case Management
  • Overview of Case Management Functionality
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

Upon completion of this course; you will be able to:

  • Check data quality using audit processors
  • Transform data for auditing
  • Import and export data from Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
  • Automate and schedule Oracle Enterprise Data Quality processes using jobs
  • Re-use configuration with different processes and data sets
  • Describe the key features and high-level architecture of Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
  • Profile data for analysis