Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop Course Overview

Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop Course Overview

The Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop is a comprehensive course designed to instruct learners on how to implement and manage the Oracle Data Guard feature. Oracle Data Guard administration is an essential skill for database administrators, ensuring high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data.

Throughout the course, participants will delve into various aspects of Oracle Data Guard administration, starting with the basic components and architecture. They will learn about different data transport methods, understand the nuances of failover and switchover operations, and explore the Data Guard framework. Configuring and managing Data Guard using both command-line interfaces and Cloud Control, defining gap resolution and protection modes, and considering operating system requirements are also covered.

The workshop includes practical lessons on creating both physical and logical standby databases manually and using Cloud Control. Learners will investigate backup methods compatible with Data Guard, the role of Flashback Database, and strategies for performing backups in a Data Guard environment. The course also discusses failover and switchover processes, Fast Start Failover, client failover aspects, Snapshot Standby Databases, Oracle Active Data Guard, and managing various Data Guard components. Lastly, it addresses the challenges of upgrading databases within a Data Guard configuration.

By the end of this course, participants will have a solid foundation in Oracle Data Guard administration, equipped to ensure their organization's data is secure and readily available.

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Course Prerequisites

Certainly! To successfully undertake the Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop, students should possess the following minimum prerequisites:

  • Basic understanding of Oracle Database architecture and components
  • Familiarity with Oracle Database management and administration tasks
  • Knowledge of database backup and recovery techniques
  • Experience with command-line operations on Linux/Unix or Windows operating systems
  • Fundamental understanding of network architecture and configuration
  • Prior exposure to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL is helpful, but not mandatory

These prerequisites are designed to ensure that participants have a foundational understanding necessary to grasp the concepts and practices covered in the Data Guard Administration Workshop. The course will build upon these basics to deepen your expertise in Oracle Data Guard.

Target Audience for Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop

  1. The Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop equips professionals with essential skills to manage Data Guard environments.

  • Database Administrators
  • Data Management Professionals
  • IT Specialists in Disaster Recovery
  • Systems Administrators managing Oracle Databases
  • Database Architects
  • Technical Consultants with Oracle Database focus
  • Oracle Developers looking to broaden their skill set in data protection
  • Data Center Support Engineers
  • IT Disaster Recovery Personnel
  • Oracle Certified Professionals aiming to update their credentials

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Oracle Database 19c: Data Guard Administration Workshop?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes:

Gain in-depth knowledge of Oracle Data Guard 19c administration, mastering the setup, configuration, and administration of data protection and disaster recovery solutions.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the core components and architecture of Oracle Data Guard to ensure high availability and data protection.
  • Learn the different data transport methods and how to configure them for optimal performance and protection.
  • Differentiate between failover and switchover processes and their appropriate use cases in a Data Guard environment.
  • Configure and manage Data Guard using the Data Guard Broker framework for simplified management.
  • Implement gap resolution techniques to address data synchronization issues between primary and standby databases.
  • Define and configure various Data Guard protection modes to meet different levels of data protection requirements.
  • Comprehend the operating system considerations when deploying Oracle Data Guard solutions.
  • Execute the manual creation of a physical standby database and manage it using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.
  • Set up and administer a logical standby database to support reporting and querying while maintaining data synchronization.
  • Utilize Cloud Control for creating and managing both physical and logical standby databases.
  • Integrate Oracle backup methods with Data Guard to ensure comprehensive data protection.
  • Apply Oracle Flashback Database technology in a Data Guard configuration for efficient data recovery.
  • Perform backup operations in a Data Guard environment, ensuring data safety across primary and standby systems.
  • Execute and manage failover and switchover operations to maintain availability during planned and unplanned outages.
  • Explore the capabilities and setup of Fast-Start Failover for automatic failover in case of primary database failure.
  • Define and manage a snapshot standby database for temporary, updateable snapshots of the primary database.
  • Learn how to leverage Oracle Active Data Guard for real-time data protection and availability.
  • Manage and monitor Data Guard components effectively to ensure seamless operation and quick issue resolution.
  • Upgrade and patch Oracle databases in a Data Guard configuration with minimal downtime.