Oracle Database 12c R2: ASM Administration Ed 2 Course Overview

The Oracle Database 12c R2: ASM Administration Ed 2 training & certification course will give you a detailed overview of Oracle ASM architecture. During the training, you will get a deep understanding of both standard ASM and Flex ASM applications with the introduction to Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.

Who should do Oracle Database 12c R2: ASM Administration Ed 2 training?

  • Administrator
  • Database Administrators

This is a Rare Course and it can be take up to 3 weeks to arrange the training.

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Oracle ASM Overview
  • ASM Placement in Storage Stack
  • ASM Utilities
  • ASM Instance Designs
  • ASM Key Components
  • ASM Software Installation
  • Overview of ASM
  • ASM Cluster Configuration for Oracle RAC
  • ASM Instance Parameters
  • Managing ASM instance with various tools
  • Instance Startup and Shutdown
  • Operating with Different releases of Oracle ASM and Database Instances
  • Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
  • ASM Instance Connection modes
  • ASM OS Groups and Role Separation
  • ASM System Privileges
  • Relocating an ASM Client
  • ASM Deployment Alternatives
  • Configuring Flex ASM
  • Flex ASM Architecture
  • ASM IO Services and Configuration
  • Managing Flex ASM
  • Background and Overview
  • Disk Group Management
  • Extending an Existing Disk Group
  • Viewing Connected Clients
  • ASM Disk Group Overview
  • Disk Group Metadata
  • Compatibility Attributes
  • Dropping Disks from an Existing Disk Group
  • Disk Group Attributes
  • Adding and Dropping in the same command
  • Replacing Disks in Disk Group
  • Resizing Disks in Disk Groups
  • Mounting and Dismounting Disk Groups
  • ASM Disk Group Rebalance and Priority Ordered Rebalance
  • Undropping Disks in Disk Groups
  • Dropping Disk Groups
  • Renaming Disk Groups
  • ASM Flex Disk Groups Characteristics
  • ASM File Groups
  • ASM Quota Groups
  • ASM Database-Oriented Storage Management
  • Administering File Groups and Quota Groups
  • Prioritized Rebalancing for File Groups
  • ASM Directories Overview
  • Accessing ASM Files
  • ASM File Creation
  • Managing Alias File Names
  • View ASM Aliases, Files, and Directories
  • Interaction Between Database Instances and ASM
  • Fully Qualified ASM File Names
  • Managing ASM Directories
  • ACFS Snapshots
  • Oracle ACFS Administration
  • Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager
  • Overview of Oracle ACFS
  • Oracle ACFS Integration with Oracle ASM
  • Clusterware Resources and ACFS Administration
  • ACFS and Dismount or Shutdown Operations
  • Oracle ACFS Metadata Collection
  • Oracle ACFS Scrubbing
  • Oracle ACFS Defragger
  • Oracle ACFS Spare Files
  • Oracle ACFS Automatic Resize
  • 4K Sector Support for Oracle ACFS and Metadata
  • Oracle ACFS Compression
  • Oracle Metadata Acceleration
  • Service Architecture & Availability
  • Introducing Exadata Cloud Service
  • Storage Configuration & Management Details
  • Migrating to Exadata Cloud Service
  • Simple Web-Based Provisioning & Management
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Service Configuration Options & Service Connection Options
Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours) Fee On Request
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06 - 07 Jun 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CST
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(8 Hours/Day)
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4 Hours
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Comfort Track

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Course Prerequisites
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware Administration
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: RAC Administration Ed 2

Following will be helpful but not mandatory

  • Working knowledge of Oracle Database 11g: Release 2 on Linux Operating System
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware Administration
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: RAC Administration
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: Clusterware Administration
  • Working knowledge of Oracle Clusterware, ASM & RAC on Linux

On completion of this training you will know:

  • Administering ASM files, directories, templates, and disk groups
  • Managing and administering Oracle ASM File System and its components
  • ASM New Features & Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service

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