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Koenig solutions offer an array of Oracle Application Express certification courses. Oracle Application Express is a database-centric development tool which can be employed to create a vast range of applications. Students can simply convert a spreadsheet to a multi-user, Web-based application. Students can also make complex, large, multi-lingual applications, such as the Oracle Store. Oracle Apex training courses includes Oracle Apex Web Applications Development also. You can choose this course to learn the integration of shared components with the applications and employing the SQL workshop for database object management. Students will also learn the administration of the app development process.

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Oracle Application Express: Administration Ed 2

Duration: 16 Hours English

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Oracle Application Express Workshop II Ed 2

Duration: 24 Hours English

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Oracle Application Express: Developing Web Applications

Duration: 40 Hours English

Per Participant
Oracle Application Express Workshop II

Duration: 24 Hours English

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Oracle Apex (Application Express) is a tool for developing low code, world class web applications for the Oracle Database. The users design, develop and deploy responsive and database driven applications, either in the cloud or on premises, using Application Express. Oracle Apex is a low code tool which enhances productivity. It is easy to use and highly flexible. It also comes with the qualities of an enterprise development tool such as security, integrity, scalability and availability.

A workspace is a rational work area associated with one or more Oracle database schemas. It allows multiple users to work within the same Oracle Application Express infrastructure keeping objects, data and applications private at the same time.

Oracle Apex is used to build low code applications which are responsive, accessible and allows customization as per company’s brand and personality.

Oracle Apex enables users to develop and deploy low code, responsive and database driven applications using only the web browser, while Java is a general purpose programming language which is designed to produce software for multiple platforms and have minimum implementation dependencies.