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Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a powerful tool for creating cutting-edge applications. In a short amount of time, you can take an idea from the drawing board to a fully functional, production-ready application with the help of APEX's Rapid Application Development environment. When it comes to the Oracle database, APEX (formerly named HTML DB) is a speedy web application building and improvement appliance. Create and release professional, swift, and secure applications with just a web app and minimal programming expertise. 

When you feel confident in your abilities to create APEX apps, you can sit for the Oracle certification test and earn the title of Oracle APEX Cloud Developer Certified Specialist. Improve your chances of getting hired by gaining experience working with Oracle, the most popular structured query language (SQL) database used by organizations of all sizes (including governments and large corporations). Now that you have your hands on a copy of Oracle's APEX Workspace, you can dive headfirst into the world of SQL. Check out some of the popular Oracle Apex training courses to enrol in today.

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Popular Oracle Application Express (Apex) Certification Training Courses

Our Oracle APEX certification training courses will teach you everything you need to know about using Oracle's flagship tool for creating SQL and PL/SQL-based web apps. This Oracle Apex training provides practical exercises on advanced database access using Apex, as well as methods for developing straightforward Apex programmes. You will learn how to manage database objects using APEX, create and deploy Web apps, and manage the Oracle Application Express environment.

Learn more about APEX and its many features by digging into its App Builder and SQL Workshop. Create your first cloud project with APEX on OCI and learn the ins and outs of working with Pages, Forms, and Reports. Protect your app by reading up on Authentication and Authorization techniques. Consider your APEX application deployment options.

We provide a variety of options for getting certified in Oracle Application Express. A wide variety of applications can be built with the help of Oracle Application Express, a database-centric development tool. It's easy for participants to make a Web-based, collaborative application out of a spreadsheet. Oracle Apex Web Applications Development is a component of Oracle Apex training courses. These popular Oracle Apex courses will teach you how to use the SQL workshop for managing database objects and integrating common modules into your applications. 

Who can take up Oracle Application Express Certification Courses?

Job roles that can find Oracle Apex online courses beneficial include, but are not limited to:

  • Anyone interested in a career as an Oracle Apex Developer, Analyst, or Consultant
  • Creators of PL/SQL Code
  • Programmers and Coders in the Information Technology Industry
  • Expert Oracle Apex Consulting from Industry Professionals
  • Programmers with a focus on the web or the full stack
  • Designers of Software for Computers
  • Anyone interested in getting into the field of web development

Prerequisites to Oracle Apex Training Courses 

  • Anybody and everybody can be part of Oracle Application Express certification courses. There are no prerequisites for beginner-level or foundation-level Oracle Apex training courses.
  • However, if participants are looking to take up advanced-level Oracle Apex certification courses, then they should have cleared the foundation level first to be eligible for the same.

Reasons to Choose Oracle Apex Certification courses from Koenig Solutions

  • A comprehensive suite of industry-recognized Oracle Application Express training programs that learners can take up depending on their experience and job role.
  • Get trained by an Oracle Accredited Education Partner in Koenig Solutions, who are also APAC's No.1 and World's No.2 Oracle training provider.
  • Through Oracle Apex certification training courses, professionals gain a thorough understanding of using Oracle's flagship tool for creating SQL and PL/SQL-based web apps.
  • Get trained by expert Oracle Apex instructors with real-world experience and practical exercises on advanced database access using Apex, as well as methods for developing straightforward Apex programmes.
  • With the Oracle Application Express online training program, professionals will gain complete knowledge of managing database objects using APEX, creating and deploying Web apps, and managing the Oracle Application Express environment.
  • By taking the Oracle Apex certification training from Koenig Solutions, you are guaranteed to have a comprehensive advantage over your non-certified counterparts and get instant recognition and opportunities across sectors worldwide.
  • Participants have the option to take up these popular Oracle Apex courses in various training delivery modes, including online training, the onsite, classroom, and 1-on-1 training. 
  • Businesses, including SMBs, MNCs, and Government agencies across sectors, can get their workforce trained in Oracle Apex courses through a blended learning approach, where teams spread across locations can be trained simultaneously.

Learning Objectives of Oracle Application Express Certification Training

  • Knowledge of Oracle Application Express from beginning to end (APEX)
  • Learn the ins and outs of the APEX platform.
  • Start a new project, programme, and website.
  • Gain hands-on experience with Web application development and deployment.
  • Discover the Apex Application Maker
  • What You Need to Know About the APEX Framework: Applications, Pages, and Regions
  • Regions in APEX for Creating Documents, Stats, and Graphs
  • Interface, Themes, and Layouts for Users
  • Making a Mobile App
  • Integrating JavaScript, graphics, and audio/video into APEX
  • Skills in debugging and instrumentation to aid in problem-solving
  • Safety and Efficiency in APEX

Benefits of Oracle Application Express Certification Training Courses

Some of the key benefits of taking up Oracle Apex online courses include the following:

  • Participants will gain complete knowledge of Oracle Apex's low-code development platform on the managed cloud service. This helps users to build data-driven enterprise level apps at a faster rate and with less complexity.
  • Be part of two decades' experience in Oracle Apex's functionality, which is used by close to 500,000 developers worldwide to build modern web and mobile applications.
  • With Oracle Apex knowledge, participants can now build 38x times faster enterprise applications, according to Picque Solutions Study.
  • Embrace the new norm where enterprises are moving to the Oracle Apex platform to build exclusive and complex applications.
  • Through the knowledge gained with Oracle Apex training programs, one can easily create modern, responsive, and beautiful enterprise apps without the need to become a specialized expert.
  • The average salary for certified Oracle Apex professionals is USD 107,000 per annum.
  • Stay relevant in today's complex job market with industry-recognized Oracle Apex certification credentials and be eligible for opportunities across the globe for this highly sought-after job role.


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Oracle Apex is used to build low code applications which are responsive, accessible and allows customization as per company’s brand and personality.

A workspace is a rational work area associated with one or more Oracle database schemas. It allows multiple users to work within the same Oracle Application Express infrastructure keeping objects, data and applications private at the same time.

Oracle Apex enables users to develop and deploy low code, responsive and database driven applications using only the web browser, while Java is a general purpose programming language which is designed to produce software for multiple platforms and have minimum implementation dependencies.

Oracle Apex (Application Express) is a tool for developing low code, world class web applications for the Oracle Database. The users design, develop and deploy responsive and database driven applications, either in the cloud or on premises, using Application Express. Oracle Apex is a low code tool which enhances productivity. It is easy to use and highly flexible. It also comes with the qualities of an enterprise development tool such as security, integrity, scalability and availability.