Operating Systems (OS) Training and Certification Courses


Operating system (OS) is a programme that works as a bridge between the computer hardware and the software.It manages the computer resources and  allocate the resources to the softwares and programmes to run run efficiently. The tasks performed by Operating systems  include file management,process management, handling input and output,memory management and external devices like printers, USB's, Disks etc. Koenig offer Operating system courses from different vendors including Microsoft, RedHat, Apple, SUSE and many more.

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Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Bhramarambika Rs United States Jul-2020 A3. Nothing
Rengarajan Velendran United States Jul-2020 A3. Yes
Samad Abdul United States Jul-2020 A3. yes...definitely
Deepika Fole United States Jul-2020 A2. Koenig is very good platform for certification and have very good highly skilled trainer as compare to other training companies.
Suresh M K United States Jan-2020 A1. Zia is such a cram guy, Nice in clearing doubts.
Anusha Dakshinamurthy United States Jan-2020 A3. yes sure
Balamurugan Ganapathy United States Jan-2020 A2. The Lab setup was amazing and it was ready to use when we started
Kunal Goraksha Patil United States Jan-2020 A2. Lab setup/resources provided for practical are good.
Dilip Kumar United States Jan-2020 A2. koenig training is good compared to other institutes
Abdul Baqi Stanikzai United States Oct-2019 A3. yes sure we will have more training on Koenig and one special thanks from JESSICA madam that what we wants she prepared for us.
Zubair Ahmad Ahmadzai United States Oct-2019 A3. Sure if gets chance I will come back
Ali Husain Ahmed Shaikh United States Aug-2019 A1. Very good and would like to have further trainings


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