Open Source/OpenLDAP Server Administration

OpenLDAP Server Administration Certification Training Course Overview

The course on OpenLDAP Server Administration offers hands on training on OpenLDAP services to provide Centralized User Management across the enterprise. This course also teaches cross-platform integration of Open LDAP services to provide authentication for information services across the organization. After completing this course, students will be able to learn: Windows Domain Authentication and Linux clients and OpenLDAP Directory Server: Essential Configuration.

Who Should Do This Course?

  • Network Administrators
  • Server Administrators

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Directory Services
  • What is a Directory?
  • LDAP: Models, Schema, and Attributes
  • Object Classes
Module 2: The LDAP Naming Model
  • Directory Information Trees and Distinguished Names
  • Naming Suffixes
  • Planning the Directory Hierarchy
Module 3: OpenLDAP Directory Server: Basic Configuration
  • Installation OpenLDAP Directory Server
  • LDIF
  • Logging and Indexing
Module 4: OpenLDAP Directory Server: Authentication & Security
  • Configuring TLS Security
  • Using Access Control Lists
  • Slapadd
Module 5: Searching and Modifying the LDAP Directory
  • Searching the Directory
  • Updating the Directory
  • Graphical LDAP Client Utilities
Module 6: Linux User Authentication with NSS and PAM
  • Understanding Authentication and Authorization
  • Name Service Switch (NSS)
  • Advanced PAM Configuration
Module 7: Centralized User Authentication with LDAP
  • Central Account Management with LDAP
  • Migrate Existing Data into an LDAP Server
  • LDAP User Authentication
  • autofs with LDAP Integration
Module 8: Kerberos and LDAP
  • Introduction to Kerberos
  • Configuring the KDC and Clients
  • Configuring LDAP to Support Kerberos
Module 9: Directory Replication
  • Replication in LDAP
  • Master and Slave Configuration
  • Planning for Directory Server Availability
Module 10: Authenticating Windows Clients
  • Windows Networking Overview
  • Configuring a Samba PDC Using LDAP
Module 11: Windows Domain Authentication and Linux Clients
  • Active Directory Servers
  • Linux as a Client
  • Active Directory and Linux Clients
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Course Prerequisites
  • Should have RHCE certification or possess equivalent knowledge.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Comprehend the Linux Clients and Active Directory
  • Comprehend the Windows Networking
  • Configure LDAP to Support Kerberos
  • Comprehend the Graphical LDAP Client efficacies
  • Configure a Samba PDC with the use of LDAP
  • Comprehend the Master and Slave Configuration
  • Update the Directory
  • Plan for Directory Server Availability
  • Configure the KDC and Clients
  • Search the Directory

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LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is an internet protocol used to check data from a server. It is an open protocol which is also used to store as well as retrieve information from directory services, specifically X.500 based directory services. LDAP either runs on TCP/IP or other connection oriented transfer services.