Network Defense Essentials (NDE) v1 Course Overview

Network Defense Essentials (NDE) v1 Course Overview

The Network Defense Essentials (NDE) certification is a professional credential that validates an individual's knowledge and skills in maintaining, protecting and overseeing various computer networks to prevent and manage potential threats or cyberattacks. This certification is important for those in the cybersecurity field, with roles like Network Administrators, Security Managers, and IT Analysts, ensuring that they have a foundational understanding of network defense strategies and principles. Industries rely on NDE-certified professionals to safeguard their critical information and technological infrastructure. They implement security measures, monitor for and respond to network vulnerabilities, and contribute to maintaining overall network resilience and security.

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  • Live Online Training (Duration : 16 Hours)
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Course Prerequisites

The Network Defense Essentials (NDE) Training is designed for IT professionals and other computer science professionals with a basic understanding of networking and security concepts. To ensure the most effective learning environment, it is recommended that participants have the following minimum qualifications:
• Experience with basic networking technologies, such as Ethernet and TCP/IP
• Understanding of core security concepts, such as authentication, authorization, confidentiality, and integrity
• Proficiency in basic operating system administration (Windows and/or Linux)
• Understanding of network encryption methods and encryption management tools
• Familiarity with network topologies, protocols and services
• Knowledge of security hardware and software tools
• Comfortable working with command line interfaces
• Prior experience with firewall configuration and rule sets.

Target Audience for Network Defense Essentials (NDE) Certification Training

• IT professionals responsible for network security
• System administrators managing network infrastructure
• Cybersecurity students seeking practical training
• Network engineers aiming to enhance defense tactics
• Cybersecurity consultants requiring knowledge update
• IT managers responsible for organizational cyber defense.
• Professionals preparing for network defense certification exams.

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Network Defense Essentials (NDE) Skills Measured

After completing the Network Defense Essentials (NDE) certification training, individuals gain skills in areas like understanding the principles of network defense, system hardening, vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, firewall configurations, and managing different types of attacks. They learn to analyze network traffic, develop effective incident response strategies, and implement various network security protocols. This training also enhances their understanding of encryption technologies and secure network architectures. Overall, this certification significantly improves their expertise in managing network security-related issues.

Top Companies Hiring Network Defense Essentials (NDE) Certified Professionals

Leading tech companies like IBM, Intel, Cisco, and Dell are among the top recruiters for Network Defense Essentials (NDE) certified professionals. They provide roles in network security, cybersecurity, and consultation. These professionals play critical roles in protecting companies' digital assets and data from potential threats.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Network Defense Essentials (NDE) Course?

The learning objectives of the Network Defense Essentials (NDE) course are primarily geared towards understanding cybersecurity threats and designing secure networks. Students will learn to recognize potential vulnerabilities and prevent intrusion attempts. This course aims to equip students with techniques to monitor and defend networks against security breaches and attacks effectively. It will also provide profound knowledge about network protocols, firewall configurations, and VPN implementations. Additionally, students will be trained to respond to security incidents and to implement corrective measures. Upon completion, students are expected to build robust networks invulnerable to common cyber threats and attacks.
Network Defense Essentials (NDE) v1