NetApp Fabric Pool Course Overview

NetApp Fabric Pool Course Overview

NetApp FabricPool is a data tiering technology that automatically classifies and moves data between high-performance primary storage and lower-cost secondary storage on-premises or in the cloud. It's part of the NetApp Data Fabric strategy, designed to optimize storage costs and performance by placing "hot" data (frequently accessed) on faster storage media and "cold" data (rarely accessed) on cost-efficient storage. Industries use FabricPool to reduce overall storage costs, improve data management efficiency, and streamline data lifecycle management practices. It capitalizes on the performance of SSDs for active data and the economy of cloud storage or HDDs for inactive data.

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Course Prerequisites

- Understanding of NetApp ONTAP software
- Experience with NetApp storage systems administration
- Familiarity with cloud provider services (AWS, Azure, GCP)
- Basic knowledge of networking and storage protocols (NFS, iSCSI)

NetApp Fabric Pool Certification Training Overview

NetApp FabricPool certification training equips participants with skills to efficiently manage hybrid cloud storage and tiering. The course delves into configuring and optimizing FabricPool, understanding data tiering mechanisms, and integrating with Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Attendees learn to administer storage systems leveraging FabricPool technology to automate storage tiering between on-premises and cloud environments, enhancing data management and cost effectiveness. Key topics include setup, policy management, monitoring, and troubleshooting, ensuring proficiency in deploying FabricPool in diverse IT infrastructures.

Why Should You Learn NetApp Fabric Pool?

Learning a NetApp Fabric Pool course can bolster efficiency in hybrid cloud environments, slash storage costs, enhance data tiering, and optimize workload management. It equips IT professionals with the expertise to streamline data management across different storage media, leveraging the hybrid cloud's economic and performance advantages.

Target Audience for NetApp Fabric Pool Certification Training

- Storage administrators and engineers
- IT professionals managing hybrid cloud storage
- NetApp customers implementing FabricPool technology
- Technical support engineers
- Solution architects and consultants designing storage solutions
- Datacenter infrastructure teams

Why Choose Koenig for NetApp Fabric Pool Certification Training?

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NetApp Fabric Pool Skills Measured

Upon completing NetApp Fabric Pool certification training, an individual can gain skills in configuring and managing NetApp Fabric Pool technology which includes understanding storage tiering concepts, implementing data tiering between AFF systems and cloud or on-premises object stores, optimizing storage efficiency, automating data management, and ensuring data protection and security in a hybrid cloud environment. They will also learn about performance considerations, best practices, and troubleshooting techniques relevant to Fabric Pool operations.

Top Companies Hiring NetApp Fabric Pool Certified Professionals

Top companies hiring NetApp Fabric Pool certified professionals include IBM, Dell Technologies, Accenture, Cisco Systems, and Capgemini. These industry leaders value the expertise in hybrid cloud storage and seek such certified professionals to optimize data management and storage solutions for their clients.

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this NetApp Fabric Pool Course?

Learning Objectives of the NetApp FabricPool Course:
1. Understand the concepts and architecture of NetApp FabricPool.
2. Learn how to configure and manage FabricPool aggregates.
3. Identify appropriate use cases for FabricPool tiering.
4. Develop skills in integrating FabricPool with ONTAP storage systems.
5. Gain proficiency in monitoring and troubleshooting FabricPool operations.
6. Explore best practices for optimizing storage efficiency with FabricPool.
7. Master data movement policies and tiering performance considerations.
8. Recognize how FabricPool interacts with cloud and on-premises storage tiers.