Negotiation Skills Course Overview

Negotiation Skills Course Overview

The Negotiation Skills course is designed to equip learners with the essential knowledge and abilities to negotiate effectively across various situations. Starting with Module 1: Concept and Principles, participants will delve into the definitions and essential elements of negotiation, learning about principled positional negotiation and its implications.

In Module 2: Communication Skills Essential to Effective Negotiating, students will enhance their questioning, active listening, and assertive communication skills, crucial for understanding counterparts and expressing proposals clearly. They will also learn to manage conversations effectively through perception checks and techniques for initiating proposals and interrupting and differing respectfully.

As learners progress, they will explore winning and losing situations, negotiation techniques, and approach to negotiation in Module 3: The Basics of Negotiation, followed by a deep dive into the negotiation process in Module 4, which includes preparation, problem discussion, proposing solutions, negotiating a compromise, and finalizing an agreement.

Module 5 focuses on team negotiating, offering guidance on the do’s and don'ts when negotiating in groups. In Module 6, the course highlights the desirable characteristics in skilled negotiators, emphasizing the traits necessary for success and the motivation required for effective negotiation.

Module 7: Strategy and Tactics introduces learners to both hard and soft strategies and tactics, as well as counter strategies and tactics, reinforced through practice cases. Lastly, Module 8: Conflict Management educates on identifying and managing conflict, exploring personal conflict management styles, and providing actionable steps for conflict resolution.

This course is beneficial for professionals and individuals seeking to improve their negotiation prowess, ensuring they are better prepared to reach favorable outcomes in both personal and professional settings.

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Course Prerequisites

To successfully undertake training in the Negotiation Skills course at Koenig Solutions, the following prerequisites are recommended:

  • Basic understanding of communication principles: Familiarity with the fundamental concepts of effective communication will be helpful as the course covers advanced communication skills integral to negotiation.
  • Willingness to participate in interactive exercises: Active engagement in role-playing and discussions is essential for practicing negotiation techniques.
  • Open-mindedness: A readiness to consider different perspectives and approaches to negotiation.
  • Basic problem-solving skills: The ability to think critically and creatively to resolve issues is beneficial for learning negotiation strategies.
  • Professional or personal interest in negotiation: Motivation to improve negotiation skills for career advancement or personal development will enhance the learning experience.

No specific educational background or work experience is required to enroll in this course. The curriculum is designed to accommodate participants from various professions and levels of experience.

Target Audience for Negotiation Skills

Koenig Solutions' Negotiation Skills course equips professionals with vital techniques for effective communication and conflict resolution.

  • Project Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Business Development Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Specialists
  • Non-profit Organization Leaders
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Corporate Executives
  • International Traders and Diplomats
  • Real Estate Agents

Learning Objectives - What you will Learn in this Negotiation Skills?

Introduction to Learning Outcomes and Concepts Covered

Develop practical negotiation skills to enhance your ability to secure favorable outcomes while maintaining positive relationships. The course covers communication, strategies, conflict management, and team negotiating dynamics.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Understand the core principles and definitions of negotiation, distinguishing between different negotiation styles, such as principled and positional negotiation.
  • Develop communication skills crucial for effective negotiation, including questioning, active listening, perception checks, assertive communication, and handling interruptions.
  • Learn the essential negotiation techniques and how to approach negotiations, including understanding winning and losing scenarios and conducting force field analysis.
  • Master the negotiation process from preparation and planning through to finalizing agreements, ensuring a structured and effective approach.
  • Enhance teamwork in negotiations by recognizing the do’s and don’ts and leveraging the collective strength of a team.
  • Identify the traits and motivational factors required for successful negotiation specific to your professional area.
  • Explore and apply various negotiation strategies and tactics, and learn how to effectively counter them in practice scenarios.
  • Gain insight into conflict management, including recognizing and becoming comfortable with conflict, and identifying your personal conflict management style.
  • Acquire the skills to manage conflict using five distinct methods and executing five key action steps for resolution.
  • Apply learned concepts through practice cases to solidify understanding and adaptability to real-world negotiation scenarios.