Mixed Reality Courses and Training

Mixed Reality (MR) gets through emotional barriers so students can experience life new perspectives. With this immersive technology, you will be make a setting for learners to work together and give them access to once distant experiences. Students can contact and control objects producing a greater understanding of them, and it this doesn’t stop here. They can also interact with data sets, complex formulae and abstract concepts which could be progressively hard to comprehend through educator's verbal guidelines.


1. Do you have limited time?
2. Can you only spend 4-hours per day?
3. Do you need customized content?
If your answer is yes to any one of the above, you need 1-on-1- Training

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Virtual Reality with Unity Engine, Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
Mixed Reality (AR & VR) With Unity 3D & Microsoft HoloLens

Duration: 5 Days English

Per Participant
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