Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Certification Training Courses


Microsoft Server 2019 is a server operating system developed by Microsoft. It is used to provide a secure, reliable, and scalable platform for businesses to build their applications and services. It is used to host websites, databases, and other applications. It also provides a platform for virtualization, storage, and networking. Major vendors for Microsoft Server 2019 include Dell, HP, IBM, and Lenovo. Microsoft Server 2019 is also used to provide a secure platform for cloud computing, allowing businesses to access their applications and services from anywhere. It also provides a platform for collaboration, allowing users to share documents and collaborate on projects.

About Microsoft Server 2019 Training and Certification Courses

Microsoft Server 2019 training and Certification Courses provide an in-depth understanding of the features and capabilities of the latest version of Microsoft Server. The courses cover topics such as installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting of the server. The certification courses also provide hands-on experience with the server and help professionals gain the skills needed to manage and maintain a Microsoft Server environment.

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Prerequisites for Microsoft Server 2019 Certifications

• Have a good understanding of Windows Server 2019
• Have a good understanding of networking and storage
• Have a good understanding of Active Directory and Group Policy
• Have a good understanding of virtualization technologies
• Have a good understanding of PowerShell scripting
• Have a good understanding of security and identity management
• Have a good understanding of disaster recovery and high availability

Who should take Microsoft Server 2019 Certification Training Courses?

• IT professionals who want to gain expertise in Microsoft Server 2019
• System administrators who want to upgrade their skills
• Network administrators who want to learn about the latest features of Microsoft Server 2019
• IT professionals who want to become certified in Microsoft Server 2019
• Professionals who want to learn about the new features of Microsoft Server 2019

Skills Earned by Individuals after Completing Microsoft Server 2019 Training and Certification Courses

1. Understanding of server roles and features of Windows Server 2019
2. Ability to install, configure, and manage Windows Server 2019
3. Knowledge of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
4. Understanding of Hyper-V virtualization
5. Ability to configure and manage storage solutions
6. Knowledge of networking technologies
7. Understanding of Windows PowerShell scripting
8. Ability to configure and manage high availability and disaster recovery solutions
9. Knowledge of identity and access solutions
10. Understanding of Windows Server security features and best practices

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Benefits of Taking Microsoft Server 2019 Certification Courses

• Increased job opportunities: According to Microsoft, the demand for certified professionals is growing at a rate of 12% year-over-year.
• Higher salaries: Microsoft Certified Professionals earn an average of 15% more than their non-certified counterparts.
• Improved credibility: Microsoft Certified Professionals are seen as more credible and knowledgeable in the workplace.
• Increased confidence: Microsoft Certified Professionals have the confidence to take on more challenging tasks.
• Improved job security: Microsoft Certified Professionals are more likely to be retained in their current positions.
• Increased career opportunities: Microsoft Certified Professionals are more likely to be promoted to higher positions.
• Improved networking opportunities: Microsoft Certified Professionals have access to a larger network of professionals.


Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

The course is held over a span of five days and is intended for IT professionals with some experience in and around Windows servers. The course consists of twelve modules ranging from a Windows Server Administration overview to Upgrading and Migration within the Windows Server. The course is structured to include practical labs for a more hands-on approach.

The cost of the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 certification exams is USD 165.

As part of your Microsoft Windows Server 2019 certification training,  you will receive:
  • A copy of the relevant Microsoft Windows Server 2019 training course material
  • Windows Server 2019 instructor-led training with case study discussions
  • Windows Server 2019 sample practice test questions and answers
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Course completion certificate

Participants can take up their Microsoft Windows Server 2019 certification exams from Pearson Vue Test centers who are official partners, to deliver their exams worldwide. Participants can take the test either in person by visiting the test center or through online web-proctored mode.

The long list of prerequisites to build eligibility to sit the course are;
  • The candidate should have experience of managing Windows Server operating system and Windows Server workloads in on-premises scenarios, including AD DS, DNS, DFS, Hyper-V, and File and Storage Services
  • Should have basic experience with common Windows Server management tools (implied by the first prerequisite)
  • Knowledge of core Microsoft compute, storage, networking, and virtualization technologies (implied by the first prerequisite)
  • Basic understanding of on-premises resiliency Windows Server-based compute and storage technologies (Failover Clustering, Storage Spaces)
  • Basic knowledge of implementing and managing IaaS services in Microsoft Azure.
  • Basic level of knowledge to manage Azure Active Directory
  • Basic understanding of security-related technologies (firewalls, encryption, multi-factor aut